Left Dash frequently drops our since update to 3.0.2


Since updating The Dash to FW 3.0.2 this weekend the sound on the left dash drops out for e.g. around two seconds one every 20 seconds.
The drop outs are not predictable and sometimes it is gone for over 10s and other times it works well for 5 mins.
Since it happens even when playing music from the dash itself, it feels like the connection gets lost between the dashes.
Before the update I never had issues loke these.
=》 Please advise since now it has become hardly usable.


They did make some changes to the NFMI connection in Bragi OS 3, but it was supposed to be an improvement. It’s hard to say whether this is related to your issue, though. I actually had the same issue with a Dash 95 and after working with support got an RMA to a Dash 50 and that fixed it. NFMI is rock solid since.

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