Left Dash dead?


buddy i had the same problem. i used it for one week and then it went dead.
Then the next day it started up itself.
So what i tried was:

  1. removed the update files from both of the dash
  2. inserted new files after downloading them from bragi.com
  3. followed exact same process as given for the custom update
  4. charged them full and kept them out of case for 18 hr(approx)
    The next morning the were fine .
    It worked for me I hope it helps you too


Hello Guys,

Unfortunately, my left dash is also experiencing similar issues as @Zerosaber mentioned in his July 2017 post. @Zerosaber did you ever find a fix for the issue?

P.S. My left dash works all fine, it’s just that it is not charging at all.




Great to have you here in the Forum :slight_smile:
Can you provide a picture of The Charger, in a DM to me?

Then I can check whether the problem occurs from there :slight_smile:




The left and the right side of the charger look exactly the same to me.



Hi Mohit,

Thanks for providing the picture!

As I can see on the picture, it seems that The Golden Pins might be a little bent.

I would kindly ask you to straighten them up, and see if it solves the issue.

Furthermore, how do you charge The Dash? What kind of walloutput are you using?



I just opened my brand new box and the LEFT dash does NOT charge!

My husband bought it months ago and never used them. I needed something wireless so he gave them to me and I was excited to open it up.

BTW, These were stored in a climate controlled office on a shelf in original packaging (still plastic wrapped).

Soooo disappointing! Seems this is a common problem since I’m seeing so many posts.

Hope they fix my issue.



Thanks for reaching out! Are you charging the device trough your computer, or via wall output?

Furthermore, can you provide a picture of The Charger?

Looking forward to hearing from you.