Left Dash Dead-Think I've found the cause


When my Dash died around two years ago-Left dash died and other dash was faint, couldn’t use any features apart from streaming, and even then sometimes just stopped and would play a high pitched beep until I put it on charge for 5 minutes-wouldn’t work with resets and apparently it was out of warranty too.

Picked it up again two weeks ago and they were both faintly working, audio transparency said it was working but didn’t do anything, and I couldn’t read my heart rate. I thoroughly cleaned it and force resetted it, going to the latest update as well and left it for a bit, and suddenly it started working like new again. After working fine for around an afternoon, the next day I used it and the left dash was only lasting about 5-10mins. After putting i on and off charge a few times, eventually it stopped warning me when it was low on battery and just cut out and died. Then it did that for the final time and now won’t respond to the case.

I’ve had a look through various threads about what possibly could be wrong and I’m pretty sure it can’t be anything apart from the charging pins, which could be slightly misaligned, and that’s why that one wasn’t charging at all. Would be great if someone could tell me how to correctly fix it, live in the Uk and seen the only replacement cases I can get are on ebay, almost at the price of a used entire dash set so would really like to know as I really enjoy the product.