Left bud no longer syncing

Hi team

Two days ago, after about a year of use, I noticed that the left earbud was having trouble maintaining a connection and playing the quality sound that the Dash Pro is famed for. Now the left bud no longer works and although it seems to charge in the case, it doesn’t charge in sync with the right bud. Teh right bud now is starting to drop its connection when linked to my iPhone 8. I need to manually go into the setting on my phone and select the dash to connect it, but it keeps dropping after 2-5 minutes.

I’ve tried reinstalling the latest 3.2.1 software through the Bragi Updater on my mac. I’ve even tried advice I’ve found through the forum, and elsewhere such as https://www.reddit.com/r/thedash/comments/73zeof/bragi_support_solved_left_earbud_no_sound_problem/ but nothing seems to be working.


IOS was always an issue for my ear plugs. I get an instable connection after a few hours. Restarting my iPod touch resolves the issue. Did you try it?

Concerning the sync problem… it is a known issue and I lost 2 dash pros due to this problem. Maybe it is harmless and you can resolve it by:

  1. resetting both plugs
  2. setting both plugs into travel mode and reactivating it
  3. emptying the battery of both plugs to force a hard reboot.
    If this is no solution…