Left Bragi Dash not working


So I was gifted a pair of Bragi Dash and was really excited to use the $300 headphones, sadly a month after the warranty expired, the Left Dash is completely dead. Someone from customer care called me and ended up concluding that the charger was bad and I would have to buy a new one (WTF). Is there any other troubleshooting step I can follow?

I am really surprised that such an expensive piece of gadget can just break down.If changing the charger does not help then I will have to end up buying another Left Dash,( or throw them in the trash) which is really stupid since it is not reparable. This is ridiculous and needs to be taken up seriously.

The problem is that I am In India now where they do not ship.



Thanks for reaching out! I would kindly ask you to provide your Case ID so I can follow up on this personally :slight_smile:

Let me know if there is anything else.

Your Team Bragi