Laser engraving on charging case limited to 11 characters? What?!


Hello I went to get fitted for my Dash Pro tailored by Starkey and when the person who fitted my headphones asked for my name for engraving he said it was only limited to 11 characters which doesn’t make any sense to me. My full name has 16 characters including spaces, I would like to get my full name on the case at the very least. The person who took the mold of my ears wasn’t very helpful and I even called back and told them there has to be more room than 11 characters as most names are longer and I’ve seen other customers with more than 11. What can I do to remedy this issue as I said the person who took the molds was not helpful and I was their first customer to be fitted for Bragi even after pushing the issue they again said 11 characters. I understand the limit on the dash themselves but not the charging case.


I got mine fitted earlier in the week and from what I saw is that you can have two lines of text at 11 characters each. Above those fields you can check off if you wanted them on the case or earbuds or both.


Any of you guys know how long it’ll take to receive them? I’m getting fitted Monday. Looking forward to it.


Bought mine on the 24th of May and received it on the 8th of June. Two weeks should be expected.


That’s weird. They didn’t do the engraving on my case at all, which confused me. They did put my name on the buds themselves though…


I really hope I have my name on mine … that’s if they ever come in … fitted for molds on May 29


I received mine this past Friday. When I went for my fitting, the audiologist first thought that I could only get the engraving on the case or buds, not both. But when he logged into the site, he saw that I could get it on both. I asked for my full name to be engraved on both. With the space, my full name is 15 characters. When I received the Dash Pros, my full name was on the case and each earbud. On the earbuds, my first name was above my last name. So the 11 character limit may be for each part of your name, separately.
I hope that helped.


I wound getting the buds and case at it indeed was engraved with my full name so it is 11 character limit per line on the buds themselves. Thanks for the reply though loving them so far I do wish I could make them a wee bit louder but they are by far the best wireless headphones I’ve ever owned.


I received mine and sent them back because they hurted at the top of my ear. They fixed the issue and they fit prefect now. When I got my case back the first and second time I noticed it was not engraved. Come to find out the engraving on the case and ear phones option is chosen by audiologist at there office even they fill out the form on there end. I sent mine back for the engraving to be done. I don’t want to be without then again but for that hefty price tag we paid I want them done right


How long did it take to get them back? The audiologist that I went to messed up my name on the buds and I’ve been thinking the right ear isn’t as snug. It’s not that bad, but I’m not sure I want to wait another three weeks, which is how long Starkey told then it’d take to fix…


It took about three weeks. I decided to send it back because for the price I want them done right. Also I was told that you only have a month to get the fitting right with the audiologist which to me was absurd when it takes three weeks to get. I really want mines but I want them done right. I was ok with sending them back because I still have the first version of the dash to use until then


Thanks for the response. Still on the fence here. They fit, but my one ear is not as snug unless I adjust it a bit, but maybe that is normal. The misspelling is a bummer. That said, they are sounding great.


They should fit perfect. If you are having that issue you should send them back in. So I sent mine back on Wednesday of last week and the audiologist sent them out rush and I got them back today


Well, tonight I went to charge mine and noticed the right ear wouldn’t charge. Upon closer examination, seems one of the charging pins is missing in the charging case. I’m really bummed. I emailed support through the Bragi app and also left the audiologist a message where I bought them. I’ll have them fix the incorrect spelling if my name and refit the right ear. Such a hassle for so much money spent :frowning:


Funny thing is I feel like they should stop making the cases with the pin connectors because with the magnetic snap over time the pins become weak and either bend or get pushed all the way in. Often the case is an issue with all of there devices except the headphone. I really hope they can come out with a case without this issue that we can use with our dashes


I totally agree. I have an appointment today to fix everything. They said it’d take several weeks to come back to me. Ugh.