Klipch new buds.... Sounds familiar

Saw a article for the new Klipch earbuds coming out (at a 1000$ ) and these new buds will have… Wait for it … AI and gesture controls and an OS for software upgrades…

I had to comment… Bragi Pro had 4d menus years ago… At only $300 … and it has an OS with software upgrades… And…well so much more.

I really wish they were still around.

I wonder if Bragi AI are working in conjunction with Klipch on this product? I read the article and it mentions AI and ability to control music function by voice, JUST like what the Bragi page says is an option for their IP too. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bragi are involved.

I am very interested to see what the E-use ‘New product’ is!

On another note, this looks like an interesting product. Not to rival the dash but it’s a home made custom mouldable true wireless earbud. not released yet, but what a cool concept.