iTranslate redemption code DashPro


Just downloaded iTranslate, but couldn’t find anywhere to reclaim the 1 month free trial with DashPro.

Ideas anyone? Thankyou in advance!!


Thanks for reaching out!

Have a look at this: Open iTranslate App >> Open settings >>Tap on “redeem”

It says that on the voucher as well :slight_smile:



Does anyone knows when will it be avaiable ffor android?


I don’t foresee that ever coming to pass if I’m honest CMRS. it’s been 'coming soon to android’s for probably more than a year now


Bragi OS 3.0, which introduced iTranslate support, shipped in mid-May, 2017 – so, yes, more than a year. (My apologies for missing its birthday.)


Umm…I have go through all sections in iTranslate’s setting page and there is NO “Redeem” option…


Did you manage to make it work yet? :slight_smile: