Issues with the left dash after updating


Hey all,

I’ve been having this issue since I upgraded the Bragi App to the latest as well as the Dash to V 3.0.1.

Everytime I put the Dash in my ear, my left dash immediately get dropped or cut off. In order for me to continue hearing from my left dash, I constant have to press it into my ear. It’s a tad bit frustrating since I use my Dash for running.

The weird thing is once I “eject” the Dash from the app things get a little bit better. But when try to turn audio transparency on/off or navigate the activity menu with my left dash, I can hear the beginning before it gets cut as well as the music. Sometimes the music comes back and it doesn’t

Here’s what I’ve tried
-Recovery update
-Forgetting the Dash on my phone and adding it
-Clearing the cache from the Bragi app
-Cleaned both the left and right Dash
-Reset the Dash
-Turning all the settings off in the Bragi app

In case it is worth mentioning, I have a Google Pixel and am enrolled into the Android O beta. However I don’t think this is an issue because I went back to my old phone and experience the same issues.


Had the same issues…was resetting my dash about 5 times, but it works just fine now


So all you did was reset the dash 5 times? Like Push the pinhole for 5 seconds 5 times? That’s kinda funny ha ha.

I bought up the issue with Brragi and this is what they told me

"Thanks for reaching out to us and providing the feedback.

We have heard of some customers who had similar issues with Bragi OS 3.0. Let me try to explain you why these issues might have occurred. The reason for the intermittent cutouts with The Left Dash are depending on the NFMI connection. As you might know Bragi OS is able to regulate the NFMI connection. Since Bragi OS 3, there seems to be some units where the NFMI connection was cut down too much in order to improve other features´ stability.

Therefore, we will need to investigate on this matter from our developing side to actually resolve the issues. In the meantime, if the issues are too high to keep using The Dash, you can always downgrade to 2.1 again.

In the meantime we will do our best to provide a solution to fix the issues you are experiencing."


At least downgrading is an option for the moment to get back to stability while a patch is being worked on.


Yup thats really all i did…of course i tried to update it every time and it didnt work but basically all i did was trying it over and over again


So you updated it 5 time as well? Did you use the updater or the rapid method?


At first the rapid method…didnt work for the left dash so i used the updater and it finally worked after another 2 resets :wink:


Thanks but it still didn’t work for me :frowning:


Mine was working really well after the update, but i just charged the carrier with the headphones in it and now the left dash keeps cutting in and out. I have to press it into my left ear I have already tried resetting it and even reinstalled the os. This is so annoying. I am really starting to hate these headphones. I feel like an idiot for making this purchase. I know that my wife’s airpods don’t have the same features but she never has any connection issues. Looks like it might be time to ditch these shitty things and go all in with apple. I had really high hopes for these but they’re useless if i can only hear through one side. So disappointed.


I know how you feel… I upgraded the Bragi app recently and I can’t even tell if it’s my left dash or the software or the two dashes not making an NFMI connection… I’m ready to throw these things out the window. When it works, it’s great but before it used to work 100% and now it just chooses when it wants to work


I have experienced similar case. When I run with both left and right Dash with built-in music, they switched off automatically. I have reported to Dragi and the problem not fixed. Finally, the I cannot wake up my Dash at all. the Dragi Team ask me to return them for replace/repair. I have just mailed them back and hopefully receive some good news later.


I guess your Dash is still under warranty… Mine is not which is why I’m really frustrated. I could maybe understand if my Dash dropped and it cracked and I can’t get it. But all I did was update to the latest and Bragi, tells me in short, my warranty is over and to wait for the next one. I’m going to wait out and see what people say about the Dash Pro. The voucher is apparently good for 90 days so if the Dash Pro gets raving reviews or if my issue gets fixed via update (which I doubt it will) I’ll probably get the Dash Pro within the last 30 days the voucher is valid for

Hopefully your issue gets fixed though!


There is a reason why we got voucher fro dash pro. Bragi couldn’t make it to work with org dash and thats why we are getting BS explanation for this SW error.
and your are not the only one with this issue, a according to last mail i got from support. It will take month before they fix this issue, if they ever fix it.


For me it’s just gotten to the point where I don’t care anymore. I don’t even run with them because the left dash is so inconsistent. I have to basically keep putting the Dash back in the charger, reset/refresh it take them out and hope the left dash works.


I have the same problem with the Left Dash’s connection after upgrade to BOS 3. Tried everything suggested in this thread and more but nothing really solve this issue. One thing that does work temporary is that with every installation of BO3, the Left Dash works well for say 1hr of play time. Thereafter, it will get cut off again. Need to put it back in the charger and wait for 1min or more before it starts working again… but for a short while only. Downgrading to OS 2.2 also cannot permanently solve the issue. After sometime the Left Dash will get cut off again. I believe its an OS issue. Somehow by upgrading to BOS 3, something made the Left Dash unstable. Bragi needs to solve this issue ASAP with another OS, which can correct the NFMI problem.


Still having this ridiculous issue. I tried using the updater app and it just constantly looked for my Dash even though it was plugged into USB. So then I reverted to Rapid Updater process. I was able to update the right dash, but could not do ANYTHING to get the left dash to mount. I’ve tried multiple computers and got the same thing. Now my right dash is on one OS and the left is on another and therefore only the right one works. I don’t know what I could possibly do at this point other than resetting/downgrading. I saw people referencing this earlier, something about holding the pinhole button down 5 seconds or something? Any advice?


Im having the same issue. I purchased the dash when it was on back order about a year ago. Everything was fine then poof. The left was out then came back in and now completely out. My computer will not pick up the Dash. I used another computer as well and nothing. Tried the Bragi updater and nothing. There is no reset pinhole on my dash. I saw something about holding down the up and down volume buttons for the right bud and nothing.

Bragi support gave me the generic clean, rest, update(can’t update.) Said something about they can’t do returns or replace their items due to being in Europe. Think this was a bad purchase. Didn’t know they had a million varieties of buds and 90% of them do not function properly or just crap out under a year. Shame.


I am having the same issues and Bragi customer service is practically non-existent. They want me to pay to have my set shipped back and then wait 2 weeks for them to ‘fix’ them…Talk about a complete joke.


I docked the headphones onto the charger and held down the power button on the right ear bud till it made a noise. Then I tried them again and the left ear bud is working again.

Not sure if this will work for others, but it worked for me.



I just got my Dash Pro and this problem is very bad for me… So any soultions?

Bjørn :slight_smile: