Is anybody experiencing echoing? Dash Pro


So far the Bragi is excellent, bluetooth is 100% better no drops etc. I love bragi and it is so cool when you can’t use your hands to answer a call all you have to do is shake your head! Very handy.

The only problem seems to be echoing? I don’t hear echoing but the person listening on the other end hears themselves echoing.

We are pretty sure it’s when the head set is in use because we’ve tried switching head sets and there is no echo.

Unless it might be the cell phones software which i’m on an apple 6 plus. Just this morning we tried talking on speaker the conversation was fine, put the bragi in and the echo began. Tried a jawbone no echo.

So just wondering if anybody has had this issue and if they fixed it at all.


Yes I do, as Bragi Dash Pro Starkey user I experience this often when paired with my galaxy s7 edge and sporadically with my One Plus 3T. It [ I don’t hear echoing but the person listening on the other end hears themselves echoing] seems to be something to do with mike switching, a SW issue.


Thank you. That is exactly what I am experiencing. The person on the other side hears the echo not me.


Did you guys ever resolve this issue any tips on overcoming this? It’s really limiting my use of this product.

Appreciate any suggestions and feedback


Thanks for the feedback guys!

The first thing you can do is trying to fit The Dash Pro better in the Ear Canal, and make it seal!

Or else, our Support Team is more than happy to help you at :slight_smile:


I’ve only had compliments from the other end when using the Dash Pro, but I also do make sure mine always seal real well in my ear canal. I notice when they’re not sealed because I work in a noisy environment. When you are in a quiet environment you may not notice a lack of seal as easily.