iOS 3.10 Connecting Problems


Hey Guys,
since i installed iOS 10.3 on my iphone 6, the Dash doesn’t pairing. I only can hear Music about the internal memory.
It works fine with the iPad (iOS 10.2) and Samsung Galaxy A3.

Any Solution for this problem?

Many thanks in advance.



Hey Bro,

There are a few troubleshooting steps that could help. If you contact one of my collegues in customer support should be able to assist.


Hey Dean,

i also worked with ur collegues, but they were no solution.
Maybe some off the other users has an idea?



Hey Bro,

Can you direct message me your ticket ID and I will follow up.



Hey Dean,

the ticket number is #147548



For me connectivity is slightly better since I upgraded to 3.10


Had the same problem rebooting the phone helped. Make sure the IOS is up to date I got the update that came out last and its works fine now