Introduce Yourselves!


Hi, Just got my Dash a few weeks ago and there are things I love and things I hate. Hopefully someone can give me some tips…

The Good
I am finally untethered both wired and wireless. This is more significant tan most may consider initially. I have had true wireless earbuds (Amazon $40) before. These were great, but they required my bluetooth MP3 player. Charging both all of the time …plugging in, etc. Now I no longer carry my mp3 player. Charging is ultra simple now…simply replace the buds into their protective case. I love the specs too. Transparency is good but needs more “external” gain. Perhaps advanced settings in the app would allow tweaking?

Not So Good
Perhaps my biggest disappointment is the activity tracking. This is not meant for any gym-goer. Autosensing assumes I am swimming when I am doing abs, running when I am on the stair climber. It goes crazy if I do burpees. I was hoping that the fit tracker (at least the HR monitor) could provide me stats on my HR when doing HIIT workouts. Also it seems any activity (bike, run, swim) only provides you an average HR over the activity period. Cadence when biking on a stationary bike is almost always wrong (200, 45, etc.). So is HR.

The KUI interface is a cool concept but not for exercising. Perhaps if you are just walking about listening to tunes but if you are doing anything intense, it picks up your motions as commands. This also goes for the Shortcut. While running (perhaps I am heavy on my feet) it kept pausing my music as if I had tapped my cheek twice.

I would love to see true activity tracking that manually captures the HR data so zone training is possible. A “coach” that allowed you maintain HR zones either constantly or periodically would be awesome.

Unfortunately no other apps can connect to the HR for the Dash, so I am wishing for more. If anyone has any activity/coach suggestions please let me know. I know the data is there in the Dash…I just want to be able to use it.


Hi! My name is Maxime. I backed the project on KS and since then, having been using the dash on a daily basis on my bike. I love using even though the well-known issues with bluetooth.
Swimming with it is just the best experience EVER compared to other competitor products!


Welcome! I must say I never got around to trying them while swimming. When I get my dash pro I really need to give it a go just for the experience!


Hello Tom from Virginia. Just received the Dash Pro and I love it. Hopefully more updates will fix some of the issues. But just happy with being able to stream or load music.

I do wish they were a little smaller and they provided a longer ear tip so it can go deeper in my ear. However they have not fallen out. During automatic tracking when I did lat pull downs it thought I was swimming I just disable it until I’m ready to run. I also disabled Siri because she activated while I was running with the jawbone shortcut feature. I think the Bluetooth works just fine I had no issues.

Please keep up the great work with the updates.