Introduce Yourselves!


Greetings from Singapore!

Just got my new Dash. Why didn’t I buy this earlier? :heart_eyes:



I’m Lee living in UAE.
KS backer, using Dash since Nov. 2016


Hi everyone,
I’m Konrad from Poland, I use the dash since 2 months now, I’m totally enthusiastic, but I have had mixed fillings at the beginning especially regarding BT connectivity.
Now I use it during every single training and I’m quite satisfied, I’m a programmer and I know how difficult it is to get everything working on stuff sophisticated like this and it requires few iterations of improving, so I give my credit to this project, It’s really awesome.

Excellent work Bragi team.


I am Brett from Houston, Texas, USA. I use my Dash currently to listen to my audio books and I have integrated it to work with my desk phone at work (Avaya 9611 VoIP phone). I have had it for about 4 months now. I program VoIP phone systems and enjoy finding new technology to tryout related to what I do. While not perfect I am excited about where the Dash seems to be going and can’t wait to see what the next update has in store for me. I have used every feature currently available on the Dash with my IPhone 7 Plus. I am praying that the Bluetooth thing can be figured out without having to physically change them in anyway because that is the only down side for me right now.


Hi, I’m Hank from San Diego. I just received a refurbished Dash through Woot! Tried them for the first time this morning on my trolley ride. It’s great to be cordless! They sounded great but weren’t very comfortable for my 40 minute commute. I’ll try some larger sleeves and see if it helps. I also learned on my first phone call that I need to keep my iPhone in my right pocket for better connectivity. (no problem there, I wear a ScotteVest with plenty of pockets! Looking forward to trying them when I go jogging. Also looking forward to a fix for the time of day problem.


Hi Billy from Chicago area Elmhurst I have the Dash and Headphones :headphones: love :heart:️ both I do like the Dash because the volume is about 10% more I am over 65 and worked outside so hearing is slipping. I walk with my dog Bobby a Rottweiler about 10 miles a day. I retired early because of a back injury so I have to keep moving. It is wonderful to listen to music and or talk to friends walking outside just fantastic. I put them on when I first get up just amazing you don’t have to take them off just shut off the music and talk. I am a big fan of Bragi and I am waiting for the next big thing new update or Dash 2 I am ready


Hello all,

Nice to join the Bragi forums and converse with all fellow Dash & Headphone owners. :slight_smile:
My name is Jon Paddock and I’m a print design artist residing in the U.S., in Auburn, Washington (state), and have been using my Dash earphones since January of this year. They’ve been one of the best tech products I’ve purchased in a while and I’m very happy with them. Nice to have to not worry about any wires again. I mostly use them for my morning and evening commutes, but I also use them quite frequently whenever I find the need for mobile audio. I turn on the little LED lights and can watch other people go ooh and awww when they see my Dash’s light up when they ‘breathe’. haha. Great little bluetooth earphones. Looking forward to the big update coming soon too!


Hey everybody, it’s Dominic. These are what headphones were meant to be from the beginning. #the-dash


Hi all,

Eddie from Augusta, Georgia, USA. Home of the Masters!
Love the Dash. Excited about the Announcement!!


Hello to all from Russia. My name is Alexander. I really look forward to the appearance of new headphones in Russia.


Hello! My name is Lou - Service Associate/IT guy/Record Collector out of NJ USA. Proud Dash and Headphone user, eagerly awaiting my order for the Dash Pro!


Let us know how you get on with the Pro Lou and welcome to the forum!


Hey there…my name is tobi from regensburg, germany…proud dash owner and about to order the pro next month


Hello everyone!

Wow, people from all over the world.

I am Steven, I split my time between NYC and Los Angeles. I use The Dash several times a week for media consumption, calls, while working with 4 different devices.

Excited to be here. Love that Bragi has been improving their web site and continues to grow.

It was always difficult to interact with Bragi and I felt frustrated I could not get the UI/ UX head or the com head to reply to me and consider my feedback.

But I have stuck with Bragi and love The Dash. I will now be ordering The Dash Pro.

I found out about Bragi from Amazon launchpad. I wish I were a KS backer. If anyone of you received a voucher for The Dash Pro and would like to gift it to me because you won’t be ordering, please let me know. I’d be thrilled.

Thank you.


@bmessinwu Hi Brett - different BT radio in The Headphone and now The Dash Pro vs. the original Dash you and I both have.

I would recommend applying the BOS3 update (amazing, especially for transparency mode) if you haven’t already.

But in my opinion, you’d be better off getting the Dash Pro (different hadrware) which is what I’ll be doing.

Amazing to read you can use it with your desk phone, I haven’t had one in years, it’s great to read they have BT connectivity now :slight_smile:


All the best to pretty much the best from Studio City, CA USA where it is sunny and getting quite warm outside. Think I will take my '61 Lambretta out for a spin.:us::motorcycle:


Very proud kickstarter backer. Just dropped in my order for a set of Pros :slight_smile:


Hi I am Kees, 35 years, married, we have a beautiful daughter of almost 4, am from the Netherlands. Working for over 14 years now in the hearing industry as an audiologist at Amplifon. Very interested in innovative tech and boosts my energy. New Bragi dash pro has all I ever dreamed about :hugs:


Greetings from Florida, USA everyone!


My name is Ken Saveth. I am the Founder and Managing Director for Know No Boundaries, a non-profit organization whose mission is to be the catalyst to help people "break through " self set, self limiting boundaries.

I am also an ultra marathon runner and LOVE my Dash for my ultra training and events.

I am still trying to figure out how to calibrate the Steps counter, as it is way off $

Any suggestions?