Introduce Yourselves!


This topic is for introducing yourself to the community :slight_smile: !


The NY list looks interesting, that is the day I will be on my way to Europe. As an original Dash users, I must admit the product has evolved . It is easier to update, works well, is comfortable to use. Overall I think there has been an outstanding job done with this product. Except for the shorter battery life I can highly recommend these.

Now the headphone, I am not so thrilled with and can not recommend. I like the smaller case and that is where it ends for me. I do not like the controls on the side. It makes them uncomfortable to use when selecting tracks or adjusting the volume.


Greetings from Sweden everyone!


Hi Everyone,

I’m Patrick. And I’m a Bragi KS Supporter from the early hours and an original Dash user. I’m located in Munich. Using the Dash regularly during my workout I’m totally thrilled by this device. It makes my life so much more confortable.

Looking forward forward communicating with the community and of course Bragi :slight_smile:


Hi all from Wokingham, UK

Very excited to see the news coming through here, and looking forward to hearing about events in Europe!


New Jersey can’t wait to see what’s new. I have both Bragi products and love them.


Hey all.

I’m BANE a kickstarter backer and long time dash user.


Hello everyone!

My name is Kevin Van and I am also an early KS backer of the Bragi Dash. Been using for over a year now and have to say how impressed I have been with the product overall.

Been wondering when the next update to the software would be coming recently and thought that a lack of an update might indicate something larger on the horizon.

Looking forward to being part of this community.


Hello from Toronto, Canada! I am also an early KS backer and also own The Headphone. I wish I could get down to NYC party. Enjoy!


Greeting from Netherlands I am Dimitri and nice to be here


Hey everyone, Matt in NYC. Kickstarter Dash backer hoping to be in midtown on 5/16.


Hey everyone I am Mark Miller from Washington State. I am a KS backer of The Dash. I have 2 sets of The Dash and also bought The Headphone as well. Even though it took much longer than anticipated to get The Dash, I was glad I backed Bragi when they were finally released. I was very impressed with the quality. They have evolved into a really great product. The only thing that has been really lacking for me has been stable connectivity. I’m hoping they are releasing the next version of The Dash soon and will be fixing this. I hope to see Bragi continue to be an industry leader.


Hi! I’m Stefan from Sweden and I’m also one of the original KS backers.

My feelings for the Dash has been mixed but I have held back on my criticism since I know that there is nothing quite like it in the market. With firmware 3.0 I think Bragi finally got it together. Now I only need two things:

  1. A retransmitter that can boost the Bluetooth signal from my pocket to the Dash
  2. Offline support for Spotify so I don’t need to bother with the phone connection!

Great to be a community member!


Dutch “The Dash” user.

Looking forward to what Bragi will do with the community. I hope create and foster one where idea’s and feedback are activity shared between each other.


Good evening at all, my name is Yann, I’m Italo-French, I live in Rome. I am a supporter of kickstarter campaign, early Baker.
I’m extremely pleased with my Dash, I hint at expectations on your product and still many expectations for future developments of this avant-garde device In the relationships that we can have with digital technologies.
I like this your initiative to create this public forum for the entire community of users and I hope it will be a further opportunity to meet fantastic people and exchange opinions and point of view to this device and its capabilities.

Thanks to all the Bragi staff for the work you gave and the excellent product obtained.



Hello from Italy

I’m Stefano, not totally satisfied about The Dash, but I hope for future improvement.


Howzit! Panama City Beach, FL.
KS backer and actually just started using my Dash last week!


Hello from the land of smiles. Retired in Thailand and having fun. Congratulations BRAGI.


Student in Massachusetts, love using the dash! Everyone asks if I’m wearing hearing aids though as they’re not used to being in the future😄


Hola from Michigan… So far I like the Bravo experience.