Impossible to charge the left earbud - Broken pogo pin for charging

Hello, my name is Anders Modin and I gave my youngest son a set of the Dash Pro.
He spend a lot of time in the gym and the Dash Pro seemed to be the obvious choice at the time.
During the first months he didn’t have any problems. Then, he got some issues charging the them but it was always possible to resolve it. Quite recently he was unable to charge the left earbud.
I took a look on the charging box and fairly quickly it became clear to me that one of the two pins for charging was broken. A have attached a picture of the box with this post.
I find it unacceptable that this shall brake within the first year.
Apart from this, he is really pleased with what the Dash Pro gives but as you probably understand he is unable to use them now. So around $300 in the bin…

What shall I do?

Notify the support here - that would be your best bet.

those pins are very sensitive and you cant push/mash your earbuds in there to get a charge - or the pins will break -

I had the same thing happen to me. I emailed support and have had no reply.

Hello Michael, thank you for your response. I have been a bit busy, hence no response.
Would you be so kind let me know how I notify support here, is that a special group?

With kind regards

the only one I had is not sure if that still works or not.

have a look at this

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