I received the great Bragi Ears beta


It´s a great gadget.

The hearing is much more clearer. I like it.

BUT, it must have bluetooth and the features of the dash pro.




his would definitely be the killer feature. But I fear every additional connection would enhance the energy consumption, shorten run time and therefore be detrimental to the core purpose of this product. Until technology is advanced enough for much larger batteries it could be impossible to implement,


hey this link is broken. was this a video of the product?


@BANE the Beta Ears Testers are committed to a non-disclosure agreement. Not everyone in this group is a beta tester himself or herself. That means, this group is not the right place to share your thoughts with us and with others.

The beta testing phase is only intended to facilitate a direct discussion between you and us since we are still developing and fine-tuning it.

To communicate with us there is email, chat, for the super testers also WhatsApp, and as soon as every beta tester has a unit there will be extensive surveys.

We hope you understand that :slight_smile:



ah ok, so the video would have been removed with that in mind then. fair enough!