I have a problem with the right ear

i have a problem with the voice in the right ear barely i can hear with it and it doesn’t paire both of the headset only one at a time

Has this lasted long? I find my dash Pro doesn’t react well to heavy rain or a shower these days… Luke water gets in. One of the units can get muffled like it’s underwater and not work optimally at all. It takes a few hours or overnight maybe for them to dry out but they always come back to working ok.

How long have you had the issue?

Ah, I had the same problem when I first used them, and I found out how to connect them together. First, you have to put them in the box. If you’ve paired them with your phone before, make sure you disconnect them. Once they’re disconnected from your phone, hold down the button of each earphone together, and after a while, the light should turn orange on both at the same time and then turn red. After that, when you connect them to your phone, they’ll pair together.