How tough are the Bragi Dash Pro?


Hi, I’m someone looking into buying the Dash Pro for my workers and myself.
We do a lot of hands on work outdoors as we are a gardening company.
I want to know how tough the earbuds are? Will they break easily? Can they block out power tools relatively well?


I regularly use the dash for the first 20 minutes when I sit down in a cinema. Avoiding the add before the trailers. If I have the music at the ‘safe volume reached’ volume (obviously sources and levels of sources differ) I can pretty much forget about the cinema in the background. That’s not quiet , classical or acoustic tracks but rock or something pretty consistent in terms of no quiet sections.


Thanks, I don’t expect it to completely block out machinery noise but just at least help to block it out. Obviously a movie cinema is pretty loud! Thanks Bane


Welcome. I get a good seal too. There is little to challenge the practicality of being able to work physically with or without tools and not have any cables. I imagine if working with very loud machinery a pair of earmuffs over the dash pro would be superb!


@Will_Hart, The Dash and The Dash Pro were made very well and won’t easily break. At most, they could get somewhat scuffed if you are rough with them. The earbuds from both models have fared very well when dropped (I’m disabled, so I drop and break stuff a lot, lol), and I have yet to see any major damage. One of my earbuds from The Dash got a minor scratch near the area where you swipe soon after I got it, and I freaked when I saw it thinking it would no longer function, but it still works perfectly. And the cases from both models have some scuffs and minor dents on the slide part, but the slide is like a tank and has totally protected the inner battery/magsnap part. However, Bragi does sell slide replacements if you beat it up too much and care about the damage. Basically, it’ll stand up to the rigors of your intended use case, and at most, you may end up with some minor cosmetic damage while the electronics will still keep ticking. That’s been my experience.

In terms of sound blocking, it depends. There is a Windshield feature that may block loud power tools briefly, but I would sort of agree that it depends on how well you and your workers have managed to seal The Dash Pro within the ear canal. I’d recommend that you check out ear tips sold by Comply to get the best seal. Bragi now supplies their own memory foam tips with The Dash Pro (the original only came with FitSleeves, and they recommended that people needing a better seal buy from Comply since they didn’t produce their own memory foam at the time), but the ones Comply makes are a better quality. Comply only sells one size, but they still seem to fit most people that try them. You can choose to get the Comply version with or without a sweat guard, which helps keep sweat, earwax, and dirt out of the speaker grill. You can find them here: You and your workers can try both to see what they prefer to block the most noise, but I wouldn’t expected them to work as well as headphones with active noise canceling or other features that block noise (ie: like Here One and Nuheara). I’ve tried all three, and while the latter two could truly block, enhance, and tweak noise quite well, I stilll think Bragi offers the best wireless headphone available for many reasons. I guess it depends what you’re intending on doing with these headphones as part of your business – if you’re planning on simply blocking noise and listening to music while working, you may prefer the other brands, but if you truly want a wireless computer for your team that’ll perform a variety of truly hands-free functions to make calls, use Alexa functions, etc. while moderately blocking noise, then Bragi is what you’ll want. The build quality is also much better from Bragi. I believe Best Buy carries all three brands, so you may want to go have a look in person to get an idea of how they perform, or even buy one of each to test them and then return the two that don’t suit your needs before buying a whole bunch for your crew. I have a feeling Bragi could do a lot more for your and your team, even if you don’t quite get the best noise reduction – sometimes the trade-off is worth it. I also have a feeling that Bragi will eventually introduce similar features that Nuheara and HereOne offer to keep up with the competition. Even if they didn’t, I still think you’d be better off with Bragi.

Hope this insight helps you out!


I use mine while cutting the grass and without the fit sleeve the lawnmower would overpower the music that was playing. However when I put the extra small sleeve on, the lawnmower noise faded into the back ground and I could barely hear it.