How to organise internal player?


I once understood how to do this but I’ve clearly forgotten.

I’ve got multiple albums in their own folders in a playlist on the dash pro. How does the dash order them? They currently all play out of sequence. I’ve tried labelling the tracks 1 through 14 for example… Or A1 B2 etc…

My question is , is there a labelling system I can use to direct the dash on which song to play first, second third etc…?

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Hi there Bane

I think that the dash pro asks if you want:

1 - Choose play list;

 All tracks? And if so it will play all of them in a shuffle way; or

2 - Which paly list? and this option goes for each folder that is in the folder music of the dash pro for you to choose the one you want to play.

I think that the dash has not yet the option of choosing the song from which you want to start playing the songs in the folders though it would be very nice.


Audio books play in alphanumeric title order which is a good thing as it follows plot development. I rip from cd and name all track files with 2 digit cd number and a 2 digit track number using leading zeros. Track 1 cd 1 gets a prefix 0101. Track 9 cd 12 has a prefix 1209.

Renaming can become tedious when there are dozens of cds containing upwards of 20 tracks but keyboard shortcuts in Windows make it fairly quick and efficient. I’ve followed this approach since the dawn if MP3 olayers.


Thanks @JWelz and @CMRS.

I’m afraid I’ve not had any luck with either naming structure here. Even copying a single album into the playlist 1 folder, for example, it still don’t play in order no matter how I label it. This is WEIRD as I’ve definitely had this working in the past where I had 4 albums in the one playlist and they’d all play in the correct order. I just can’t recall if this was in on older version of BOS.

Very frustrating!


I am running the larest firmware on the basic non-pro version I picked up in early April this year. First thing I did was update the firmware.

One thing I also do when I rip MP3 files is to set the MP3 tag properties in Windows/File Explorer. I set the track numbers to sequential numbers from 1 to however many the total number of tracks are in the entire book.

It’s entirely possible that the Dash is using the track number and not the file name to establish the play sequence. I recall that the reason I needed to set this was because one of my phone media player’s sequence was driven by the track number. Again, I used to do this all with keyboard shortcuts. I believe F4 pops the file property sheet, tabs get you to the tags page, a couple tabs to the right field and then overtype the track number (or F2 to select the track number in edit mode and key the track number).

It’s been a few years since I’ve ripped a book as a have a few hundred on tap so I can’t recall the specifics but again, keyboard shortcuts make it a lot quicker and less tedious than working a mouse.


I had the same problem. I have my music set into album folders in each of the four playlist folders. I organize them by type of music (jazz, rock, classical, etc.). No matter what I did, the player would bounce around. I finally figured that I had shuffle play on. Though I never used it, I think the last update I applied turned it on by default. While listening to the music on the Dash (standalone mode with no BT connection), tap and hold the right Dash. When it says “change the playlist?”, do NOT tap it. Instead, swipe up. This will take you through the menu options at this level. Keep swiping through options until you hear “turn shuffle off?”. Then, tap once. If that was the issue, you should be all set with the music playing in album track order, with one album following another.


Sccarlin… If I could hug you I would dude… This was my problem in a nutshell. I wasn’t even aware the dash internal player could do shuffle so the swipe up to get to the new menu was a revelation.

Thank you so much for saving me extra heart ache and I’ll have to keep an eye out for this when I update to 3.2 on Tuesday



Awesome to see you guys here helping each other. Much appreciated :slight_smile:

Let us know if you have anything else in mind - And remember to check out BOS 3.2!

Kristian - Team Bragi