How to be sure the next time you uses your Bragi are charged?


I got a Bragi pro for my bday, and the first use was good, i like them, way better than other similar earpieces i got.
I’ve charged the housing, then i put the hearpieces in housing and i’ve seen the led being blue.
I’ve used them sunday, i put them in the housing for recharge, this morning (tuesday) i whant to use them and they were complitely flat ! So what i did wrong ? What is the max time you can keep them in the housing without using the “storage” mode with the small switch ?

Thanks !



Thanks for reaching out!

Please have a look at the following support article, and make sure that you’re into all the details about the lightning in The Dash Pro:

If you’re still experiencing issues, please let us know at! :slight_smile:

Kristian - Team Bragi


Thanks Kristian, i read the article already but still this morning my dashpro were flat, so i’m asking again how log i can keep the dash pro inside the charger and expecting to have the charged for the next use ? 1 day ? 6h ? 2 day ?


If The Charger is fully charged, you can have it there for a couple of days!

Furthermore, you can put it into Shipping Mode to save some battery as well.

Please let me know if there is anything else :slight_smile:



Thanks, 2 days is really a small time and i think that the the switch for the shipping mode should be not that difficould to be pressed, I think is a serious design flaw, for the rest i do like the product.


I’ve left them in the charge case for a week and as far as I can tell, they were fully charged and the charger still had a couple more charges remaining.

Small lithium batteries don’t tolerate long term storage at full charge. I have a large number of lithium polymer batteries including over 30 from 70 to 200 mAh capacity and numerous larger ones. Their longevity is extended by leaving them partly discharged when not in use.

I would hope and expect that Bragi limits the maximum and minimum voltages of the Dash batteries to mitigate damage caused by leaving the units in the charger for extended periods or by permitting excessive low voltages should you fail to put them in storage mode in a discharged charger.

My Drone batteries have internal circuitry that automatically trickle discharges the battery to about 60% charge if I don’t use them within two days of fully charging them, but those are likely charged closer to their absolute maximum. Still, the 60% storage capacity is useful for extending the life of these sealed units.