How reset current time on Dash - It's off by 2h


Hi, the time I get told by the Dash is off by 2h. How do I reset/correct it ?
I connected left and right Dash, plus ran the App, but it didn’t get updated.



Hey twolips,

This is currently being investigated and I hope to have more info soon.


I have the same problem.


Same problem here. How do I set the correct time?


Same problem here, waiting for a solution


Glad its just not me. It drives me crazy… Please FIX BRAGi, we love our dash.


Oh good! I bought mine as refurbished and thought maybe I got a pair for the wrong time zone :wink:


I reset The Dash, re-ran the latest update, but no success… Still off by two hours…

Can it please be investigated to set/override the time through the Bragi app?? If Time Zone support doesn’t work (nicely), overriding the time setting through the app would be nice!

Keep up the good work! :sunglasses:


just got my dash and my time is off by 2 hrs as well.


I got the update and am now running 3.0.1 on both my Dash and my iPhone. Plus, the time is now correct! :slight_smile: So, hopefully, the new software will fix this issue for all.


yea my dash is updating right now!!


What about the Bluetooth connectivity issues is that fix as well


Can’t tell yet. Am still at work… in a meeting. :slight_smile: But, will try later and report back.


Ok thank you I just spoke to someone on the bragi team an they said it do fix the issue but we will see


It seems to be better. I used to have to keep the iphone on the right side of my head/body. Well…

With 3.0.1, I put the phone in my front LEFT pocket and it plays fine…
Let’s try it next to my ribs on my LEFT side, hmm, no issues?
Let’s try it in the LEFT armpit!, okay, at last it’s choppy…
So, let’s put it underneath my LEFT thigh while sitting, it’s choppy, if I lean back and have my head, torso, and phone line up.

But, the moment I lean forward to type these words, it starts playing smoothly! MUCH BETTER!!!

Bravo, BRAGI!


What about outdoors? That was the biggest issue for me.


Ok I just updated my dash and well the time issue is fixed. I am on the east coast of the good old USA.