How long to Deliver?


So I’m living in Florida for another 4-6 weeks before returning back to Australia and wonder if I order the Starkeys fitted Dash how long before it will be in my hands? What’s the length of time after the appointment can I eclectic the dash to be in my ears?

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At the current rate of production, it should take a week from the day you get impressions made. The longer you wait, the higher the chances are that production will slow due to increased orders.


I had my molds done 22 days ago. I have been calling them about once a week since because from what I’ve read, they should take a week or two. They keep saying that they are waiting for them and that they will call me when they’re in but I never receive any call back. I just called the place that did the molds for me today. They told me that they had just contacted Starkey about them and Starkey said they were still “in production” and should be ready in a week. I was also never told to pick an engraving so I’m not sure what’s going on. I guess it will be at least a month for me.


Had mine done on Monday and they said they’d be Fed Ex’ing them to Starkey the next morning and that I’d have them back most likely next week. They too didn’t ask for an engraving. Hmm. Hopefully, this all works out.


Was going to make an appointment today, but with the recurring issues of those getting quite different answers as to how long it should take before delivery and now perhaps no engraving, I will not and wait several weeks to see how these issues all are resolved.


I inquired about the engraving today so they contacted Starkey then got back to me. They told me that because the order had no engraving option selected when it was sent to them (again, I was never given the option), if I wanted the engraving, they would have to start the order over which would take another 3 weeks instead of being ready next week. I asked if they could just engrave the case but Starkey was apparently “unsure” if that would require the order to be started over or not due to “this product and procedure being so new”. If you want the engraving, I would call them and specifically ask for it since you just had the molds done this week so you won’t be 3 weeks into production like I am.


This is getting worse and worse…it’s been 2 weeks for me I can only imagine 22 days.


I got fitted on May 29th and I still have not received a call. I want to engrave but haven’t heard anything


I got fitted on the 12 of June and called the hearing aid office to see what the status was. They said they’d call Starkey and call me back. They did and said I’m to have it next week. We shall see. Fingers crossed. If not, I’m going to try and cancel the order.


I was just contacted by the place that did my ear molds yesterday. They finally got them in and scheduled me to pick them up this Thursday which will end up being a total of 37 days since getting the molds done. I also won’t get any engraving because I didn’t know to inquire about it the day they were taken since the place that did my molds didn’t mention it (they didn’t know anything about it). If you still have yet to get the molds done, I would make a point to ask about the engraving specifically, if you care about it anyway.


I had my fitting on June 9th and picked them up on June 30th. Given the time frames that others, even regular Pro customers, have been waiting, I feel pretty lucky that my wait was just 21 days.
Also, so you know, I did have my name engraved on the earbuds and case. It didn’t seem to extend the wait time.