How long have you had your Dash or Headphone?


I have had my Dash for 9 months and I am now placing an order for The Dash Pro tailored by Starkey!



2 months now…definately will order the pro version as the tailored version is not available her in germany…my boyfriend will get the dash


I’ll ask Starkey if they can make a tailored Dash Pro from any in-print taken at an audiologist office or if it must be done by their staff only.

I would be willing to assist in ordering and shipping the Dash Pro to members of this forum who are abroad.


I got mine Feb 2016, so a year + :slight_smile:


Dash since August 2016, Headphone since January 2017 :+1:


Only since Feb (Dash and Headphone) and – generally-- am quite the fan! I want the LTR potential with Bragi realized.


December 2016.

Missed out on the Kickstarter project. When they were sold publicly and the experiences were mostly underwhelming I didn’t buy them but always kept an eye on the progress made.


Christmas 2016 Best Day EVER


I’ve had my Dash Pro by Starkey for 30 hours. I’m loving it.


I have had my KS Dash since December 2015 and continue to have zero problems. My the Headphone since July 2016, and again zero problems. Waiting until they get caught up to purchase the Dash Pro by Starkey.


Wait why did you first buy the dash and then the headphone…


Headphone wasn’t announced back then. August 2016 only product out was the original dash.


Seriously? I always thought that the dash is like the update of the headphone.


No. Dash was the Kickstarter idea. Headphone came quite a bit after


Yup. Goes:

Dash > Headphone > Dash Pro