How does the Dash / Dash Pro compare to the Jabra Elite Sport?


If you don’t need 4 GB of storage, how do the two compare?

Dash has touch / gesture control
Jabra Elite Sport probably has more reliable bluetooth

Any other thoughts?


The (original) Dash has a higher sensor density than the Jabra Elite Sport. This has – no doubt – continued with The Dash Pro. Does the Jabra have any of the advanced translation, kinetic and other features of The Dash?


The Jabra has, in my opinion, much better sound. From the highs, to the lows. Plus they achieve higher volume levels.
The Bragi has nicer touch features , gestures, and are lighter in the ear.
The Jabra has a snugger fit, especially when working out.
Both have the same battery life. It’s nice you can turn off the Jabra to save battery.
The Bragi sits in the cradle better, and the case is stronger…


The disappointing thing about the Dash Pro is that it is essentially the same hardware as the Dash!

I don’t really care about the translation features; do the gestures work reliably?

I’m wondering: when will we get true noise cancellation in this kind of ear buds?


You can only have true 100% noise cancellation with a unit custom fitted to your specific ear shape. Even then there is not always a perfect seal within the ear as your jaw moves or your facial expressions change.


I really want to know if it is true that they have the same hardware… Thinking to buy one of them and on ebay the dash is way much cheaper


I got both, the Jabra some weeks and the Dash pro about two weeks.

Jabra fit tighter for work out, write more detailed data, have way better sports support, the OS is more stable and testes,

The Dash are water proof not only sweat resistant, have much more gimmicks (if you need them), way better transperancy function.

The biggest disadvantage of the Dash - in my opinion - is you are feeling like a OS beta tester. There are many good ideas, like Alexa implementation. But then you start playing music with Alexa, want to pause by tapping… second music starts playing parallel with standard music app? Alexa is not working with the Dash buttons? Also, while running, i prefer to hear audio books without Interruption regarding my actual activity or vice versa set audio guided interruptions with data about heart rate, pace,…
so i guess after some updates the Dash might have more potential to offer special capabilities. At the moment they can not fulfill my requirements regarding sports and intuitive use. I will send mine back after this testing period and wait another 1-2 years.


One more feature of the Jabra is Good HR. With the dash it’s impossible almost to get a good HR if you find a compatible app to track it.


I am currently trying both. The Dash Pros have many advantages : better fit, touch control, much better transparency, more options. The Bluetooth connection is however problematic, I experience many drops when outdoors, sometimes very severe. The Jabras have a stable connection, they never drop even when outdoors.
So far I’m leaning towards the Jabras, just due to the connectivity. If the connection on the Dash Pros was good I’d definitely keep them.
Another small advantage of the Jabras is the charging case: it’s lighter, smaller, and can be operated with one hand.
I haven’t yet tried any of the sport tracking features of either, btw.


Elite Sport

  1. Good for phone calls
  2. Case is smaller and easier to handle. Buds don’t come loose and lose charge when rattling around in a bag
  3. More secure in ear
  4. Can connect to a laptop for Skype calls using Jabra dongle
  5. Bluetooth stability is slightly better than Dash Pro (and Dash Pro Bluetooth is much better than original Dash)

Dash Pro

  1. Can take swimming (same IP rating as ES but DP has 4GB storage)
  2. More comfortable in ear
  3. Sound quality is significantly better
  4. Transparency feature works very well
  5. Passive noise cancelling is much better tha ES

I’ve had the original Dash and now a Dash Pro - phone calls have never worked with either so I have no idea what this is like on a functioning unit. Support say they will replace but I’ve not got around to posting them yet

I find the heart rate monitoring, motion tracking etc is a waste of time in both units. I prefer to use my Apple Watch for counting laps and my iPhone for tracking runs.

Assuming you’re choosing between a Dash Pro that can actually take phone calls and an Elite Sport - I would choose the Dash Pro every day of the week.


Thanks for the detailed comparison @CatDaddy!

Your feedback means a lot to us :slight_smile:

All the best,