Heart Rate inaccuracy on the Pro/Starkey


I’m finding that my heart rate is very inaccurate. I compared it with my polar H7 strap and a Bose SoundSport Pulse. The Bose is almost spot on to the Polar H7. The Bragi Pro Starkey is way off and has wild swings in accuracy. This needs to be fixed.


Is this when walking normally or doing activities?

Just interested to know as the main complaint I’ve heard from the hear rate sensor is that is cuts the number if half when it goes above a certain level.


At rest the HR varies from 2-8 Heart beats. While exercising, it can be way off, as much as 40 Beats. It doesn’t do a catch up like wrist based bands and watches. It’s just inaccurate. I hope this is fixable with a Firmware update. My Bose SoundSport Pulse is very close if not right on the mark with my H7 Polar Strap. I love the Starkey fit and the sound is good, but it’s not working for me with work outs. I’m still waiting for new Activities like, strength training…


Did they ever address this issue with a firmware update?


Nope. All my previous complaints still stand. I have spent a lot of cash for what now stands as a basic Headphone.


I have recently acquired the non-pro Dash and also own a Polar H7 as well as a Garmin chest strap and a VDO chest strap. Obviously I’m into this stat. In addition, I check blood pressure regularly, both at rest and occasionally on a stationary bike and of couse, that also gives a pulse reading. Lastly, I bought my wife a Garmin Vivoactive HR and have tried it in various applications.

Needless to say, I’ve done comparisons between these products and technologies and in my experience, the three chest straps consistently read within one beat per minute. The Polar is often 1 bpm lower than the others. The optical wrist sensor is wildly inaccurate under any and all conditions including near dark (less liklihood of the optical sensor being overwhelmed by ambient light) and with the watch worn on the in or outside of the wrist and with the strap at normal and excessively tight and with a sleeve cover. I took mesaures to minimize extraneous light but in all scenarios, resting through vigorous activity, the optical sensor was ludicrously incorrect when compared with the smooth and consistent plots from the chest straps.

I didn’t have great expectations from the Bragi Dash version as it appears to use an optical sensor but with the advantage that the ear provides a built in shade. I have yet to workout to my heart rate max with the Dash but when I tried it at rest through moderate exercise on biking, running and walking in conjunction with my Garmin chest strap, the averages have not deviated by more than 2 bpm which was far more accurate than I had anticipated. It has also yeilded exact matches on occasions.

One key reason for me in buying the Dash was for use while swimming. I had considered a Garmin Swim but that only synchs results after one leaves the water and the Dash provides 5 minute averages which is better, but near useless for sprints. I was also looking for a swim capable MP3 player in order to listen to audio books during my one hour swim sessions. The MP3 implementation is less than ideal for audio books but at least it can be made to work. I delete chapters from the Dash after they’ve been read but always need to find where I’ve left off. Using the duration of the activity as a guide to figuring out the sums of the minutes and seconds already read is a bit of a nuisance.

I can’t say how accurate the Dash HRM is in water as I have no baseline for comparison. Also, I’d be much happier if the Dash could report instantaneous heart rate. I am aware that it must average at least a few beats to take into account HRV (heart rate variability) and the algorithm for doing this probably accounts for the minor difference between the chest straps.

Another wish of mine is to get plot a graph of the heartrate over time as I do with other Heart Rate Monitoring systems.

Lastly, I am very confused as to whether the 5 minute periodic reports are cumulative or only for the most recently lapsed 5 minutes. I could not find this documented anywhere. I assume that the activity report once the activity ends is an average for the entire activity but again, I have nor found documentation to confirm my surmise.