Headphone Not charging

Hi I’ve bought bragi headphones on 27dec 2017, used them for a year and after that what was happening the right ear bud which has vol buttons on it started giving very low volume though the other one was working fine so you can’t use the only main right one without putting the other one too and the right one is already useless as its giving low volume so to use the left one we need to keep right one in the ear as it’s the main one and left one wont work until you put the main one in your ear. So i stopped using them. Now after 1 year since this problem occurred in 2019. So in 2020 I found them 2day n tried to use them now surprise the right earbud main one is not charging and its case is coming out as well. I bought them for 13099 almost double the price of today’s and now they are useless . Is there any chance I can get them fixed