Head gesture issues


Hello - I have just purchased my first dash pro and for some reason the head gestures to pick pick up calls don’t seem to be working.

When I go on the Bragi up I turn the head gestures on but yet when phone rings and I nod or shake my head nothing happens - pls help

Secondly even if I set the volume at a max (lots of people complain they cannot hear me well if not on max) when I get a new calls the volume seems to be default back to lower lever and I have to rise it every time which I find inconvenient

Can anybody shed some light on these two matters?

Thanks - alex


Hello Alex,

Thanks for trying out The Dash Pro!

In order to use the Head Gestures, please re-calibrate it in The Bragi App.

Furthermore, our Support Team are ready to help you at www.bragi.com in the live-chat section, or at support@bragi.com!

Kristian - Team Bragi