Has anyone in the US received their Beta Ears yet?


Just wondering if anyone in the USA received their Beta Ears yet. If so, was it sent through the mail or a specific carrier like UPS or Fedex?



The units should have arrived today. Have you received yours? I can check the shipping status if you’re providing your Order Name in a PM :slight_smile:

Kristian - Team Bragi


Yes! Just got mine today, charging them now and will start giving feedback as soon as I can try them.


Awesome! Looking forward to hearing your feedback :slight_smile:

Remember to check your mail for surveys.


Great experience so far, very, very easy to set up and understand! A much more balanced sound than the pass through sound on the Dash buds.
One thing that is still very prevalent, is the deep thudding sound that comes from any jarring movement such as walking with boots on. It’s the same noise that makes it hard to hear while chewing or eating with them in because it so loud in your head. I’m still trying to figure a way around that without taking them out. Anyone else have this issue?


Thanks for the feedback Harley!

We’ll forward it to the Project Ears Development Team. This is just what we need you testers for!

Cheers, great job.
Kristian - Team Bragi