Half Iron Man (70.3) and The Dash Pro

Happy New Year to all in our small little community out there.

I challenged myself to do a Half iron man on New Year’s eve. Just by myself, not an organised event. I have a Dash 1.0 that I have used a few times for swimming and a Dash Pro that’s my daily driver. They were my companion for the entire event.

Started off at dawn in the open ocean and was listening to music during the 1.2 mile swim as the sun rose over the horizon. My own custom Sugru moulded skin and a neoprene hood helped minimise water ingress. When they started giving me low battery warnings well into the cycle I switched over to my Dash Pro for the rest of the cycle while the Dash charged in their case, ready for the half marathon later that day.

What a fantastic tool to have on rotation and wearing for basically for the entire day without a break.

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