Google Assistant commands- Screen on Vs Screen off


I like the idea of using the Dash as a hearable like it’s intended, not just for listening to music. I walk around my house sometimes with the Dash in, connected to my phone and just on transparency mode and experimenting with dipping in and out of use case scenarios with it.

One thing i’ve noticed is an issue with google now and most recently google assistant. It seems to deny lots of voice commands when the screen is off,not even locked, just off- but work fine when the screen is on. A prime example would be me having my phone in my pocket and dash in with a desire to make a calendar appointment. I’ll launch the assistant from the 4D menu and say ‘Schedule and appointment’ but I get told that google is sorry, but it cannot help, or doesn’t know how to respond to it etc… but if I simply hit the standby button to turn the phone on it works fine. Slightly frustrating as it defeats the purpose!

I’m sure I’ve encountered more than one issue like this but the above is the only exact scenario I can remember. Has anyone had similar experiences? could it be a google security setting?

Grateful if anyone with experience of trying to use their phone via dash and assistant could share experience in here.


Other scenario… asking google assistant to “play xx song by XX band on Spotify” with the screen on will automatically go in and play the song for you when the screen is on. Same command with screen off and it definitely doesn’t auto play- often the app won’t even launch.


anyone have any experience with this issue here?


Nope. Which phone do you have? I am using a Galaxy S8 Plus (which if anything should have more issues because of Bixby), and the headset actively triggers the google asssitant from my pocket and responds to commands with nearly 100% accuracy. The only minor challenge is it doesn’t make a noise when it’s ready for voice input, so I have to assume it’s ready for me to talk after it responds with a question like, “Home or Mobile?”


Thanks for the response. I was running a galaxy note 4 and for the past 2 weeks i’m now on a Note 8. Same issue is prevalent specifically with regards spotify. I don’t think I’ve tried to initiate a calendar appointment by dash pro voice yet with it.

So, if your phone screen is off, can you ask spotify to play a song and it starts playing for you without having to turn your screen on?


Can any users who have an android device and a Dash unit try the below test for me please?

With the screen off and launching google assistant from the dash please ask Google these 2 commands as a test-

**• “schedule an appointment for today at 10AM” **
• “Play xxxxx on spotify”

Both of these work fine when the screen is on, and the command to play a track on spotiy allows the music to start playing right away after it searches. HOWEVER I find that when the screen is off (not even locked, just off) I get an error telling me “I cannot help with that” for the calendar request and the music command seems to search for the song , but nothing plays…… until I turn the screen on. This is really frustrating and I want to check if I’m the only one having issues with Google Assistant.

All experiences appreciated and if anyone has any idea why these problems are occurring I’m also very interested.


I had the same issue as you, but with 3.1 they seemed to have resolved the issue and I can now access Google Assistant when my phone screen is off through my Dash Pro.


Have you turned on trusted voice and allow from Bluetooth ?
If not you cannot unlock your phone with your voice.

That would allow anyone to for example set a reminder etc. Or am I wrong here ?


in the tests in not even locked though… the screen is just off. i tried setting a reminder with Alexa were youth the screen of yesterday and it worked fine. Google assistant still won’t though.

Oh and yes to trustred voice and accept from Bluetooth


It’s working for me after my update . I have a Samsung s8+. After I enabled it, I restarted my phone and Re synced the dash and it started working.


So with your screen off and launching the assistant from the pro you can say “schedule an appointment to tomorrow” and it proceeds to ask you for a time and doesn’t say "sorry I can’t help with that " ?


Haven’t tried scheduling anything, but it works with all the normal Google Assistant commands, reminders, send text, call etc. You have to wait for the assistant beep that follows the dash beep before giving your command for assistant.


yes it works for these other things for me fine too. it’s specifically the command to schedule an appointment that doesn’t. would you be able to try it with the screen off and see if it works ok for You?


Just tried it and it works, it asks me what time?


wow. what mobile device and OS are you using. this definitely won’t work for me when the screen is off. needs to be on for it to work


See above, S8+ w/ Android N


Bane, it stopped working after i restarted my phone, weird.


oh snap! That’s odd. I know it’s a minute detail and if you use the command ’ remind me to…’ that works. I’m just stress testing all the functions i would use from the headset.


“Set Reminder” seems to work as well


I’m getting mixed experiences with this as well. Also the delay is crazy long.


I’ve also noticed that assistant simply won’t work while I’m cycling… Even moving super slowly on the bike. It launches… Listens… But I guess it just doesn’t hear anything as it times out and goes back to music. Every time.