FR: Internal Player - Ability to use the player even when connected to BT


1: Using the player when away from the phone and you reconnect to the phone, it should be possible to keep playing.

2:Have the ability to select the internal player when connected via BT. So even when starting out connected to BT, have the ability to choose the internal player as current/default “audio player”.


On Android you can disable “Media Audio” for the Dash. Then, you can already use the internal player and recieve calls. Works nicely.


I agree that it works nicely but I would like to have the option to choose which mediaplayer i want to use without having to go into the phone settings menu; i.e. use the right Dash to have a menu option to select which mediaplayer to select just like you can select which Playlist.


Haven’t tried this myself, but maybe using something like Tasker to automate things and enable media audio when connected during certain times of the day (ie. at the gym from 6-7am). Just a thought.