FR: Equalizer and Audio Transparency


A simple 6 or more band variable Equalizer would be awesome. Also It would be nice to control the balance of Audio Transparency when playing music, Like a slider for your surroundings or more for music. The 4 options in sound are a good start, but I think it would be a major advantage over other hearables.


Hey Michael, thanks for the feedback. Will forward this on to our UX teams for consideration!


The new bionic/super hearing mode of Bragi OS 3.0.1 is great! As far as adjusting the volume, I think that this is still desirable. However, it occurred to me today that you can already sort of do this by setting your phone volume low while The Dash volume is turned up. Hope that helps!


I’ve hoped for an equalizer and the ability to store your sound stage similar to what Jaybird does. I think this would be a huge advantage as well. I want this even more now that messed with bass in BOS3. I preferred the profile of 2.2. Please consider this. Great idea Michael_M!


I can’t find the bionic super hearing mode in my app, but I am on Android 7, I have also found an app that gives you at least control of levels that seems to override stock settings. It’s called precision volume on the play store. They have a free and paid version. Only thing I’ve had a problem with so far with 3.0.1 is the in call volume. This was before the app. bluetooth volume and the bragi app make no difference in the call volume, but the sound and range in streaming music is more than acceptable with this last update.


Michael, Bionic/SuperHearing should take effect automatically when you activate transparency in 3.0.


Ok. I thought it may have been a separately activated feature. Thanks for the reply !


EQ presets for the internal player on the dash would be great! Someone make it happen! :grimacing:


@Lou_Villanueva I would think an EQ in general would be great. Most devices firmwares can hold basic value settings so, should not be an issue to “set it and forget it.”


I had the jb x3’s and the only thing that I really miss is the equalizer in the app and being able to save the eq settings in the earbuds. Playing around with other eq apps I was able to make the dash sound really good. It is just not convenient at all.


What app would you recommend in particular?!?


I have been sending the suggestion to several key people at Bragi and posted about it publicly on Amazon, Reddit and other places: we need an equalizer like Parrot has is implemented in their companion app for the Zik headphones (which I have and the sound is amazing).


Equalizer + works well, pretty much most of the eq apps, even the Spotify equalizer works well, they all make the dash shine, but the issue is that all of those equalizers only work within the app. What Jaybird and Zik does is to have an equalizer in their dedicated apps that works no matter if you are watching a YouTube video, listening music, playing games etc. The jaybird can even save the setup to the buds which then let’s you listen from different sources without having to worry to have a dedicated app on each of them to provide your favorite eq settings.


I found that the super hearing mode seemed more powerful with my original dash than with the pro, anyone else able to compare this?


for me, the original has more white noise and the pro is much clearer. also when streaming music, transparency had an impact were in the pro it’s ever so, so slight. the pro sounds fuller for both music and transparency


It does sound more natural, just didn’t seem as loud to me as the original dash was. It is still very functional and useful tho. Windshield seems pretty much useless to me tho…anyone actually use the windshield feature successfully?


Actually yes. I use it cycling every day and it’s great. I it cuts down ambient noise a bit but I can still hear the chain on my bike moving while all the wind is cut out. It’s a godsend and turns transparency as an unusable feature for a cyclist to a usable one


Hmmmm, all I get when I turn it on is constant popping and occasional cut outs of wind noise. If I am at a steady low speed and there is no other wind present, it is almost usable but other than that it just drives me nuts. I wonder if there is a difference between devices as far as the quality of it


I have tried it a number of times but, just like you, have not found it a useful feature and therefore never use it.


Maybe a hearing calibration. Where the OS plays a sound and asks the user if they can hear it, then the OS builds a custom hearing model based on users feedback. That translates to a volume and frequency feed forward term in the sound output for each user with independent ear response. This correlates hearing the sound as it was intended by compensating for each ears handicap or advantage.