FR: Ending activity is "hard" when needed to do a swipe


Trying to end activity(running) is almost impossible or at least very “random”. Instead of just doing a tap, you have to make a hold tap -> “Status of activity” - then you have to swipe to end activity + tap.
My fine motor control is not that good after running, so it takes A LOT of tries to end activity.

If you do anything else than the right “combo” it exits and continues the activity. So a lot of misses, “Do you want to st…” and then because I am not very precise on the dash, I have done something else that “exits” my end attempt.
So can we have a easy way to stop training. Maybe allow to “stack” taps ?
Hold + tap -> “Do you wanna stop activity” + tap. = Hold + double tap.

TL;DR Swiping is hard with high pulse & sweaty/shaky hands.