Five weeks later and europeen customers can still not shop



I have been waiting five weeks for Bragi to stock up on there “accessories” in the europeen store. Can still not use my Dash pros since I can not buy fit tips. No answer from Bragi on when or if there will be any solution. So for people in Europ. Do not buy this product!!!


Hi Fredrik,

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I would kindly ask you to provide your Case ID or your email in order for me to follow up :slight_smile:

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I am facing the same issue on the us store. i haven’t been able to use my bragi pro for several weeks due to needing a replacement charger and all i was told have to wait for it be in stock. It’s frustrating since i do not want to buy another headset just for the charger. It’s truly disappointing


+1 on this subject i can also not find the fit sleeves anywhere listings on Amazon and the store read as out of stock , is the company shutting down ?


The Company seems to have quite a problem delivering anything at all. I think that there is quite a chance that they are shutting down. I would not buy a new pair of them. Trying to get help from the support gets me nothing except excuses.


I know it’s frustrating the long waits for Bragi’s amazing and ground breaking products – I myself have experienced them. However, it’s a small price to pay for the most advanced and coolest design on the market. Please be patient (good things come to those who wait) and have some faith! :heart:


I agree that this product is amazing, but unfortunately I haven’t been able to use mine since October 2018. I bought into the Kanoa headphone hype when they started, and now I’m beginning to get the same feelings from these guys. It’s a bit unsettling.


Thanks for the interest!

Bragi is not shutting down. In the meantime, you can find the Comply Foam Tips on the following website:



So still a few weeks later and still no foamtips from Bragi. The europeen site is still “under maitenance” and no answer to when we will be able to buy. Try buying them on Amazon or ebay is the answer from support but neither Amazon or eBay has any for sale.

The answers from support suggests that they are as frustrated as Bragis customers. I would sincerly consider any other brand. If Bragi shuts down you will be sitting with useless headphones.


That’s not true! Even if – Gods forbid – Bragi were to shutdown, the products will be usable for as long as the batteries hold up, which might be up to 10 years. I’ll be happy if I get 7 and could live with 5 – especially if I could get replacements.

As for what’s going on, I’ll toss out some speculation… I think they might be moving the production contract from V-Tech to another supplier. There do seem to have been some problems in the past there, so maybe Bragi is making changes for the benefit of its customers.

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I have 30 odd lithium polymer cells with capacities ranging from 70 to180 mAh similar to what is used in Bragi devices. These are used in micro airplanes and helicopters. I’ve never gotten over 2 years or about 300 charge cycles out of a cell. These cells are discharged at a higher rate in those applications. Their best longevity requires that they are never excessively charged or discharged and when stored, are done so discharged to about 60% of full charge.

I’m hoping that Bragi was really conservative in limiting maximum charge cut off voltage and allowing a relatively high shut off to ensure longevity. Ideally, storage mode in the charger will allow a less than full voltage to permit an optimum number of charge cycles. Leaving the Dash in the charger and topped off to 100% for extended durations is going to be detrimental to the service life of the cells. This is why I’m hoping that the full charge cutoff is limited well below the maximum. Most high end lithium cell hobby chargers have a storage mode which charges or discharges cells to an optimum voltage/capacity.

I wish that Bragi published suggestions as to when to use their storage mode and explained what it does. My DJI drone batteries automatically self discharge fully charged batteries to their storage voltage in 1 to 10 days based on a selection you make in the app. If you charge 3 batteries and you can only use one or two or even none before dark or inclement weather, they will safely and slowly self discharge to their best storage level after the number of days you have set.


Well, my Bluetooth headphones (Sony’s ancient DR-BT30Q, ca 2007) had lithium polymer cells and those cells lasted longer than the solder joints on volume buttons did (at least 7 years and I used them pretty heavily.) I’m sure that the cells lost some efficiency/life over time, but I never noticed.

We’ll see how long The Dash holds up – hopefully for a long time! I saw Bragi’s C.E.O. commenting about how he wanted to make The Dash Pro Tailored by Starkey something that lasted, so hopefully they thought very carefully about how to design the power subsystems in all of the products from day 1!

@Kristian: Does Bragi care to make any statements about the expected lifetime of The Dash’s batteries?


I know that I was comparing applications that drain the cells in an equal number of minutes as hours in the Dash. Hopefully the peak charge and shutoff voltages are sufficiently conservative that the number of charge cycles reaches a thousand or more. I suspect many of the reports about non-charging or non-responsive ear pieces at this forum are failed battery issues but hope to be wrong on this point. My Garmin watches have generally outlasted my higher drain phone batteries.


Yeah i have been waiting on stock to come back for months for my battery replacement. I basically gave up and started investing in other product as I can’t rely on the company to support their hardware when it actually matters unfortunately. I hope that they can find a way to instill better confidence because right now they give zero feedback and apparently for 3 months they still have no idea about when they will have product again.

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So, a month ago I received this message after nagging support…

“We would like to apologize, we are implementing some changes to our shipping logistics at the moment and the replacement Dash Pro will arrive a bit later than expected. We do apologize for this inconvenience and will do everything we can to speed up the process.”

I haven’t heard anything from them since. I sent them my headphones because the bluetooth stopped connecting. They received the headphones on November 14, 2018. This seems ridiculous to have to wait over 3 months for a replacement on $300 headphones. Anyone else in the same boat?