FitSleeve Issues


So far, I love the Headphone! Great design, although when I am outdoors, bluetooth reception is much better with my phone in right pocket vs. left pocket . However, the main issue I have is regarding the FitSleeve. I love the fit of the XS silicone sleeve, but the problem is: one of my FitSleeves already ripped and no longer is of use. While you can buy replacement FitSleeves on the Bragi site, if you are like me, and live in the US, waiting for new FitSleeves takes FOREVER. Thus, I would love to see Bragi partner with Amazon and sell FitSleeves, so that I could get them in 1-2 days. Otherwise, sadly, I could just go and buy some generic sleeves. Now, one way that Bragi cleverly (or maybe just a coincidence) designed the FitSleeves, was to be much shorter than most comparable silicone earbud tips on the market. But with a simple cut of generic earbuds, they fit great. Thus, to increase revenues on this product and keep customers from buying replacement earbuds elsewhere, especially in the US, is there a partnership in the works with Amazon to sell these FitSleeves? thanks!