Fit tips replacement earbuds


Hi there,
I’m having a very good time with Bragi’s HP and I would recommend it to many friends for the good stability and never missing signal.

However, the earbuds (“fit tips”) wear out very quickly and if I put on some silicone ones like the samsung replacement tips, the headphone won’t fit perfectly in the charging box.

Could anyone recommend how to get replacement earbuds?



Hello Lorenzo,

Thanks for your message!

I would kindly ask you to send us an email to, so we can help you getting a replacement :slight_smile:

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Your Team Bragi


I would like to make a follow up here since just a few days later I got the replacement earbuds directly from the producer. Congratulations to the Bragi team and thank you very much! Five stars!


Appreciate the update! Let us know if there is anything else :smiley:

Kristian - Team Bragi