First thoughts on my Dash Pro


Picked up a Dash Pro from Best Buy yesterday. Here are some initial thoughts:

  1. Connectivity: I know this was a problem for Dash 1 users, but I didn’t have one so can’t compare. What I will say is that the BT connection seems perfect. I listened for about 3 hours yesterday and even across my apartment and a couple of walls, the music never skipped. I did have an issue with the initial connection. Android said “cannot communicate with The Dash” in BT settings, but that went away after I retried it.
  2. Fit: I’m not in love with the fit. I tried a couple of the audio tips and they worked “ok”. The right ear seals much better than my left. I also notice the same odd fit in my left ear with regular ear plugs. I think that canal is just an odd shape. I had more of an issue with the sport sleeves. I tried all three sizes and never really felt like it sealed well, neither in the canal nor in the outer ear. This might be a deal breaker for me. I’m seriously considering returning them and getting the Starkey version.
  3. Features: Pretty awesome. Everything just works. 4D menus are pretty cool and worked really well. The “SneakPeek” feature worked well. Google Now integration worked well. The only issues I have are that iTranslate isn’t on Android yet, and the right bud seems to miss taps occasionally unless I hit it just right. I think I just need to better calibrate my muscle memory for that though.
  4. Update: I tried to check for updates on the Dash Pro, but get an odd status page on the website:
    Special Bragi OS
    Thanks for checking the updater!
    Your software is special.
    The Dash (black)
    Special Bragi OS
    No public update available.
    Please contact Bragi the way you would usually do to request a special update.

I don’t know what a “Special OS” is, but I hope I can get updates in the future.

Any questions, let me know!


More oddities:
4) Update (continued): My “About” screen int he Bragi Dash says the OS version is “unknown”. The Bragi webpage where I upload my bragi.update.html file says that the OS is “special”. The updater for MacOs offers to update my Bragi to version 3.0.2, which has features like 4D menu that I already have. When I click on "tell me more about the update, it links me to an OS 2.2.0 page that talks about things like Windshield.

I’m not going to update it, but I’m worried about what might happen if I tried.


BOS3 was the first OS to have 4d menu etc… 3.0. 2 I think is the language expansion OS which had all the same features but available in more languages.

Fantastic and encouraging to hear that your bluetooth performance seems to be positive. Also fantastic to hear that you have not encountered any faults out of the box


@cryptyk Can you try and report back on the bluetooth connection while outside?

Indoors The Dash 1 worked fine because the signal could bounce from the walls. Outside is where it was very unreliable.


I wasn’t even that lucky with mine Stefano. Unusable Bluetooth indoors as well as out :frowning:


It’s working great inside and outside. No connection drops, skips, pops, or anything else. I was in the gym for about 45 minutes yesterday with my phone in one corner as I moved around. No problems. Then I went outside to get dinner on about a 20 minute walk. Again, no problems. The Windshield wasn’t amazing, but that’s a different issue.


You were able to set your phone somewhere and look away from it!? :open_mouth: wow. That’s really encouraging!


I can confirm that Bluetooth connection on dash pro is solid. This is my first set of dash so can’t compare to anything previous.


To help with this. I own the original dash, the headphone and now the starkey version. And yes the Bluetooth has improved. On my regular dash I was able to put my phone down in the gym and walk about and not have much drop outs but the issue was outside it wss unusable. The starkey pro version those issues are fixed. I can still leave my phone down and walk about in the gym with no drops but being outside with my phone in my right pocket I had no drops and if i did it was very rare. Connectivity I have no issues but I notice that with the starkey version it hurts after long use in the top of my ear canal. Hard to notice when you try then on in the office and you won’t know until you wear them for extended periods of time. I sent mine back once for re adjustment and they managed to slim them down some but not enough I notice. I think I Need a re molding to get it right but with only a month to get re molding done I am passed the tone which sucks because it takes about two weeks for you to receive them which counts I the month time to get fit adjusted.this is something bragi must change with a price tag of about 549 after taxes. Any questions I’ll be glad to answer


I owned 3 versions of the Dash 1.0. First was the original kickstarter version and the other 2 were bought about 10 months after. The first pair was the most usable Bluetooth performance of them all. Indoors seemed pretty usable on them just like you are describing. Like an IDIOT I made the mistake of putting these units through a 2 hour hot washing machine cycle. To their merit they actually worked *fine afterwards!!! I was blown away – but a few days later I found the only thing wrong which was that the mic for voice calls and assistant wasn’t working. Later Bragi would tell me that the water pressure most likely broke a little diaphragm. It’s incredibly impressive that saving this one thing they survived the ordeal!

Anyway, With that lack of functionality I bought a new pair and the Bluetooth was seriously problematic. I RMA’d immediately. The replacement pair then had slightly better BT but again it was distinctly lacking when compared with what I knew the product was actually capable off in my first version. With this, even after BOS 3, I couldn’t set the phone at me feet on the floor and stand up straight without loosing connection and this was indoors! So when you guys talk about being able to walk away from your device you’ve no idea how happy I am to hear that. Again, there was an issue with those units and I had to RMA again, but Keeping my fingers crossed that my experience with the pro matches up when they arrive.


Met the exact same problem. anyone knows how to figure this out?


Please inform me/us when you compare the Dash and the dash pro connectivity problem on BT thank you… considering which one to buy!


Hands down the dash pro. The first dash plagued with Bluetooth issue and are worked out now.enjoy


Now 2 days with my new Dash PRO are over.
All my “little” Problems with the Dash are gone.
-no more Bluetooth problems :100:
-less white noise :mute:
-better Heartbeat tracking :heartbeat:
-longer battery running time :battery:
-more clear dynamic sound :notes:
I’am in love again with BRAGI :ear:t2:


Nice!!! Great to hear. I wasn’t aware there was a reduction in white noise. It wasn’t a big deal on my 1.0 but knowing it’s less is wonderful. Mind are coming on Monday!!


have you encoutered those little peoblem after you upgraded your original dash?


I upgraded my Original Dash with every new Software. Some things are better afterwards.
But these are the most improved Points for me with the new Dash PRO.


Just a short story concerning bt connectivity. Nowadays with the pro I have the problem of having to run back into my office because I forgot the ipod on the desk. The bt connection is strong enough that I am through 2 doors and halfway down the floor before realising it. Its amazing!


Hey folks! Thought I’d jump over here and start chatting with you all a bit more regarding your impressions of the Dash Pro. Glad to see you are all largely enjoying the experience.

One question for you. What feature would you like to see if you had a magic wand. Looking for the really crazy ideas, so don’t hold back! :slight_smile:


Hi Mason, Hi all.
I cancelled my Bragi order and my first pair of Dash Pro (I’m also expecting a second pair for my wife that I found here in UK) arrived in UK yesterday from German Online retailer. FYI you cannot pay by cc if importing only a bank transfer which can take 24hrs to 3 working days!!! I had to keep calling to make sure payment went through and ensure timely shipping.

  1. Packaging is amazing the actual ear pieces are solid with a nice weighty feel that almost disappears once they are placed in the ear , (FYI instructions booklet is in German)
  2. As its my very first pair ever, I’m still working my way through the features and I’d say for the newcomer or myself at least, this is somewhat intimidating at first as there is quite a lot to get your head around. I think I’ll need a good few days to get comfortable with it all.
  3. So far only tried touch controls which I find very intuitive.
  4. Sound is awesome when streaming music from iphone 6
  5. Calls are clear and I’ve had no complaints from recipients even when on a call from UK where I am, to a contact in Africa, mobile to mobile and he was in a thunderstorm/heavy rain…
  6. Audio transparency is amazing however I noticed that during calls transparency its more pronounced in my left ear than my right i.e. the left is more active and the right sounds a bit muffled making things a less balanced IMHO. If this is normal then there will be a reason and its not a deal breaker.
  7. Audio transparency: I was doing the dishes with just audio transparency on and as I put cutlery away, the clatter of metal against metal caused very noticeable white noise/crackling effect in both ears.
  8. Charging/Battery. I cant seem to know when charging is actually complete as the earphones seem to just constantly breath when in the cradle. Is this normal??