Firmware Upgrade Process Improvements


At a time when things are becoming more wireless upgrading “truly wireless” headphones is becoming cumbersome.

From my observations the Bragi Dash Pro and Bragi App have all the tools needed to upgrade them wirelessly.

The app could push the firmware to the headphone’s memory (just like the manual upgrade process) and then trigger a reboot remotely. I can imagine this would be slower over Bluetooth but I think it would be convenient.

I got this idea this morning as I received my replacement headphones. I am eager to try out the new Alexa integration. The problem is we are not home for Thanksgiving and I only brought my Samsung TabPro S. Its a Windows Tablet but probably to stay thin only has a USB-C port.


Hey There,

This is definitely something we are looking into along with overall improving the upgrade process and troubleshooting procedures. Hopefully we can communicate more soon.


I agree! :clap: I have long felt that in-app over the air updates should be made possible being that there don’t seem to be any technical reasons that it shouldn’t work. It would improve ease of use for many people. Hopefully Bragi will look into making this happen in the near future – after all, I have more simplistic devices that have over the air updates via mobile apps (ie: gps collar for tracking my service dog, a dog toy that rolls on the ground via Bluetooth, etc.). Surely the most advanced hearables in the world should have this capability! :wink: