Feedback thread: BOS suggestions and features requests


Let’s help Bragi make the Bragi OS even better.

Please comment to suggest improvements and features addition.

It looks like they listened and boosted the volume by 2dB in BOS3 (it had been increased in BOS2 too).
The renamed the earphones so as to distinguish left and right earphones in the Bluetooth settings on the device they are paired to.
The white noise/ hiss is gone (THANK YOU).
Transparency mode is amazing now!

I would like to see:

  • an equalizer

  • the ability in the app for the user to populate the 4D menu and re-arrange the items positioning

  • more female voices, I want the Bombshell from my JAWBONE ERA!

  • multipoint Bluetooth connectivity (I carry two phones) to use with two devices for incoming calls, a computer and a phone for instance (Jabra PRO 9400 has triple connectivity and the Plantronics Voyager 510 has dual connectivity for instance)

  • battery charge level to show in the iOS status bar

Please add your suggestions.

Great work Bragi!


I would like better BT, so we can carry our phones on any side. also I would like to have a sensitivity setting for the gestures. Because running sure does move your head a lot.

Blessed Day Bragi


I want the colored FitSleeves so I can customize the Dash a Little. And like someone else said being able to see the battery level on iOS status bar and notifi!cations center. As well as customize the 4d menu like being able to lock and unlock touch controls by using 4d menu



A battery percent would be AMAZING!!!


A couple of features I would like to have :

  • a “demo mode” where the bragi phone app tells out loud what it is said by the earbuds ; would be usefull to demo the 4D menu,

  • routine : enable audio transparency when I start a running session


The biggest shortfall I find is the lack of activities that are supported. Running, swimming and cycling are not the end all. Please consider adding: Strength/weight lifting and cross training to the activities. It would be nice to track Hr, Cal and workout zones in these additional activities.