Extremely high pitched sound whenever I rewind more than three steps back in the internal player


Hi, whenever I rewind an arbitrary mp3 file more than three steps (sometime only two) a really high pitched tone starts playing into the headphones, even with the possibilty of damaging my ears. I love the bragi, but does anyone else have this problem? it happens everytime when you try to do it, and I haven’t encountered a time where it didn’t happen.
I really hope it’s a software bug, since these headphones are only 5 days old. Not to mention I experience a subtle white noise signal in the background no matter if I choose to listen to a bluetooth audio signal or the internal player. can that really be the standard manufacturing model of Bragi that posses this unfortunate curse or is it only my pair?
Besides that, I love everything about the Bragi, except the small connectivity issues when pairing and the connectivity range.


Thanks for reaching out! We have a competent technical support team ready to help you solving this issue.

Can you please send us an email to support@bragi.com, or go to the live-chat section at www.bragi.com?

Looking forward to hearing from you!

And thanks for the kind words :smiley:



I was getting a periodic high pitched monotone continuous squeal from the MP3 player when playing back 32 kb/s encoded MP3 files. The squeal stops when I halt playback and then continue playback. If I allow the squeal to go for 10 seconds, the track continues playing from the point 10 seconds beyond where the squeal started. The squeal started randomly about 6 to 10 times every hour.

The problem was avoided by using MP3 files with a higher bit rate.


I see. In my case, it has been 80kbps mp3. But I’ll try a higher rate. Too bad though, since storage wise, it would be awesome if it didn’t suffer this rewind problem.