Experience on Bragi Pro usage


Hi : I has been using Bragi Pro since last october with the following experience:
Indor works perfect, either with streaming music from my Samsung 8 or with pre-loaded music. I experienced some glitch with pre-loaded music after discover more then 100 songs in the same list. I removed some of them, and now works perfect.
Sound is perfect , also the control on right ear is intuitive and fast.
I also swimmed with the bragi, lock of controls works perfect , but auto detection of activity is not working at all.
I switched on the auto-tracking and the system records swimming , when I’m doing abs exercise or any other “on-the floor” excersise. But, when I’m swimming it strats and stops with no reason. I have to keep my garmin on to affective record swimming paramteres.
I also run, and stops for a breath every 8 minutes, waling for a minute or two, then stops. It will be very helpful to add an option for not stop running after walking.



Thanks for all the feedback, and for the detailed description of your experience with The Dash.

Have you tried to reach our Customer Support at support@bragi.com? We would be more than happy to help you solving your issue with Auto Tracking Swimming.