Equaliser for Bragi Dash


Please bragi implement an equaliser so that users can change the sound of the Bragi Dash. I want to buy the Bragi dash pro but I live in Australia so they are almost 500$ and after reading and watching countless reviews I am unsure of the sound quality. Some people say the Bragi dash pro has no bass and don’t sound the best while others say that they have good bass and have balanced highs and mids. If Bragi could just implement an equaliser i would definantly buy the dash pro as I could change the sound of the Dash pro to how I want to hear my music.


Hi there Dkrush with this last update Bragi developed a feature that is almost like an equalizer, more, if fits just for your ears, it’s adjusted for your earing, it’s amazing the sound quality. Of course this my opinion, but I’m satisfied with my BragiDashPro


Many audio players have EQs built in. VLC works well on my Android. Plus I wouldn’t want to boost bass when I get a voice call and the phone takes care of the switching without involving any headphones. If you shape the frequency response on the headset side, say for playing MP3 files as well as Bluetooth transmitted audio, then you mess with voice clarity. Presumably the ambient ‘transparency’ audio could also be made unnatural.

The 3.2 update, new this week, essentially renders any past comments about the volume and frequency response irrelevant. Presumably it adjusts the earpieces to boost sound pressure levels at any frequencies where your ears have reduced sensitivity resulting in a more flat response. This is probably not the best effect for anyone seeking mind numbing bass. Also, if the shape and thickness and other properties of your ear drum and canal have resulted in reduction of volume at certain frequencies for your life long experience of sound, a flat response might actually seem abnormal. For example, if you saw red as blue and blue as red and it was determined that the rest of the world saw it the other way and a processor reversed the colours, I doubt you’d be happy adjusting to the new look.

If it were more like the gradual fading of colour or sharpness/acuity over time and the processing brings back the colour and sharpness, that would probably be a good thing. Of course there are naysayers who object to colorization of vintage black and white film and a few who believe that 4K and 8K TVs are unnaturally sharp.

In my opinion, Bragi has improved the audio with the latest update, but I for one, have no use for damaging volumes or excessive bass.

If my source MP3 audio is bad enough to warrant some processing, I use Fairlight in Windows to shape the audio. It’s a free plug in to the free Davinci Resolve 15 video editor. If I’m using the phone to play over Bluetooth, I’ll use a player with an EQ if the source audio needs it.


Thank you for your response. I have an iPhone 7 Plus is there anyway to adjust the sound of the Dash Pro?


Perhaps others are better qualified to address the Apple software ecosystem but I am aware that there is a free version of VLC for iPhones which means that there is external app EQ capability. In addition, a Google search yeilds:

Apparently some or all iOS versions have provided a built in EQ. In addition the iPhone has a volume control as well there is a master volume control in the Bragi app.

You will find comments in this forum that a good seal of the headphone tips in the ear canal enhance apparent Bass so it is difficult to know whether a Bragi set will meet your expectations. Personally, I suspect that the bandwidth supported by Bluetooth can’t touch the sound quality delivered by a superior set of wired headphones, especially when coupled to something like the quad hi def DACs built into am LG V20 or V30.

I acquired my Dash ear pieces for the fitness tracking and MP3 features with the expectation of listening to audio books of limited audio spectum requirements. I enjoy a broad variety of music from orchestral to rock and particularly like stringed instruments and piano. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Bluetooth audio quality exceeded my expectations.


Thank you for you help :slight_smile:


Thanks for reaching out, and for helping with suggestions @JWelz!

Let us know if there is anything else.

We’re looking at all the feedback constantly in order to keep on developing The Dash Series and future products.