Enacfire 20 Earbuds Not Charging

I purchased these on 3/28/19 from Amazon, and the earbuds will no longer charge. The lights on them won’t even blink when they’re put into the case. They turn on, and I will immediatelyUploading: B9F4D202-2D4E-4DEA-95AC-54F8E15D37B0.jpeg… Uploading: 872F8EF1-0E6E-4595-BA4A-DC0DD1E7FB84.jpeg… get a message that the battery is low. Then they turn off automatically. The case is fully charged.

I’ve tried cleaning the pins and the earbuds with no luck. I’m pretty disappointed that these didn’t even last 6 mos. I’ve only used them while sitting at my desk in my office, so they’ve never even been exposed to any elements.

Please help. Thanks!