E-use! Yes, thank you Bragi, this is the best development!

So E-use website has seen an update… A new image of a new product and a few tech specs.

Not sure what 5G enabled means.


Thanks, Bane! I don’t know what 5G enabled means either – we’ll have to see. A few things struck me about the Go Ears – specifically the screenshots which reveal more about the features of the Bragi Software Suite and the significantly different UI design that they seem to be using now. In particular, I noticed the hearing aid mode and what seemed to be a renamed Audio Transparency (Be Aware.)

My spidy sense tells me that this is not a new iteration of or replacement for The Dash. This might merely be a new, maybe feature reduced product targeting a lower price point in the market. The lack of a visible LightGuide emitter is one indication that this may be the case. I’ll be happy to wait for a BT5 Dash (IPX7, EarTouch, 4D, LightGuide, more and faster internal storage, maybe with that new FitWing from the Go Ears and dual photovoltaic cells) with extra battery life, that great wireless and in-case data and power connection that you suggested, along with USB C for The Charger and a vegetarian option for The Slide – not to mention the fully featured edition of the BSS! :grin:

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Wireless charging :wink:

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In other news- is anyone else getting annoyed that everyone who has the same issue with the left or right dash not functioning just creates a brand new thread every time? lol

You’re just right @Michael_Shelnutt - apologies :innocent:


BANE - please do not clog up this thread with other information not related to this thread -