E-use! Yes, thank you Bragi, this is the best development!

Maybe this is the address you’re looking for: https://support.e-use.com

Finally - been waiting since June!

The products page in here shows the Dash pro now with a black slider, rather than the light silver or gunmetal silver I’ve seen to date. Is this reflective of their new style I wonder? looks awesome.


Here they mention that a new product is on the way. Ooo, very intriguing!


Ooh… Very interesting indeed!!


Interesting news.
Last week the Dash Pro has been re-approved by the FCC .

According to the specs no changes have been made in the design and the electronics.


Nice find. Packaging is the only thing that looks different there.

I’m wildly curious about their new product mentioned on their site!!


This look interesting.
Bragi is involved.


And here some more info.
It’s a product by Klipsch & partners.


I sure hope it comes back… I need a new pair for the office :slight_smile:


So these aren’t up for sale yet but were revealed at CES. I’ve just signed up for notifications for when they go on sale.

Support for MQA is interesting, but but beneficial that will be in something this size and format is questionable. No talk about on-board storage and not at that form factor. Those T10 units are positively minuscule BUT they come with Bragi OS so i’m guessing 4D menu etc…

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I thought the price for the klipch were around 1000$ … Which… Is insane.

Honestly … When you can get a pair of tws buds for 30$ (albiet not full functionality) I would never spend 1000$ for a pair of buds.

If there is a new Bragi Pro coming out I hope they get BT5

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well, around $600 is still high enough. I actually watched a review last night of an Mpow set of true wireless buds. IPx7, 6 hour battery life, a 2400 MAH battery case that can also charge your phone in a pinch as well as the earbuds and by all accounts sounded pretty good and I think there was a cal quality test and they also sounds very convincing. they were $55… haha

The Klipsch T10 are STUNNINGLY small though, really amazing but clearly no room for on-board storage. I’m not lusting after them but i’m a bit excited since it’s the first new project Bragi OS is going to be involved in so while many review sites have talked about how scant the details are on the AI and OS, i feel like we’re ‘in the know’ about how that all works and what it means- though the voice hotword wakeup will be new for all of us.

Well E-use DO talk about a new product so I think it’s a safe bet there will be something… Even if it was just a dash pro as it already exists but built reliably… i’d be happy.


So E-use website has seen an update… A new image of a new product and a few tech specs.

Not sure what 5G enabled means.


Thanks, Bane! I don’t know what 5G enabled means either – we’ll have to see. A few things struck me about the Go Ears – specifically the screenshots which reveal more about the features of the Bragi Software Suite and the significantly different UI design that they seem to be using now. In particular, I noticed the hearing aid mode and what seemed to be a renamed Audio Transparency (Be Aware.)

My spidy sense tells me that this is not a new iteration of or replacement for The Dash. This might merely be a new, maybe feature reduced product targeting a lower price point in the market. The lack of a visible LightGuide emitter is one indication that this may be the case. I’ll be happy to wait for a BT5 Dash (IPX7, EarTouch, 4D, LightGuide, more and faster internal storage, maybe with that new FitWing from the Go Ears and dual photovoltaic cells) with extra battery life, that great wireless and in-case data and power connection that you suggested, along with USB C for The Charger and a vegetarian option for The Slide – not to mention the fully featured edition of the BSS! :grin:

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Wireless charging :wink:

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In other news- is anyone else getting annoyed that everyone who has the same issue with the left or right dash not functioning just creates a brand new thread every time? lol

You’re just right @Michael_Shelnutt - apologies :innocent:


BANE - please do not clog up this thread with other information not related to this thread -


Euse filed for a trademark for the words GOEARS BY E-USE.


mmm… interesting. This could be what they are planning to call the new, white offering that shows up on their webpage? The Dash Support section has a ‘Dash GO’ listed… perhaps that’s ‘Go Ears’?

nice spot Preedeker.