Does the Dash Pro fit the original Dash Acessories?


As a kickstarter backer I have the color fit sleeves and leash and I’m wondering if they fit and work with the Pro? I ask because I plan to sell my old dash and want to make sure if I can use them then great if not then I can get rid of them.


Hey there, they do indeed fit The Dash Pro!


GREAT THANKS @Dean , also I was wondering how do we get the kickstarter badge since we can’t reply to the topic you stated to send a reply to, also how long are the dash pro vouchers good for?


Hey Jayjayn, pop me a PM and I will sort the KS badge!

vouchers are good for 90 days.


Good to know, also about the expire date of the voucher.
@Dean I’m also a Kickstarter backer but I can’t seem to message you. Can you assign the Kickstarter badge to me?