Does the bragi store still exists? need new batttery charger

Curious - does the Bragi store still exists or does anyone know where I might be able to purchase a Bragi Pro charger?

I accidentally dropped mine in Lake Tahoe - now it doesn’t work (as expected)

I think the buds still work - but not the charger

Any help would be appreciated.


The shop has been without stock for even longer than the site has been down as far as I know. soooo sorry to hear of your bad luck. Have you tried eBay?

Thanks Bane… Not really. I thought I might have been in luck last night as I saw a little green light when I hooked it up to get charged… But no luck… It’s dead. :frowning:

I will check other sources… Thanks.

Thanks again @BANE - found a used one on Amazon for 90$

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Great news @Michael_Shelnutt well, best of a bad situation I mean. Fingers crossed for a speedy delivery