Difference between original dash and dash pro


hey guys, is there a difference between the original dash and the dash pro. i know there is a customizable dash that by starkey but what about the regular pro version and original dash?


The Pro has an improved bluetooth antenna as found in the Headphones.
It comes with FitSleves and FitTips
It uses Knowles® Balanced Armature Speakers for better sound. (First said it was Starkey only bit that is not true)


It’s a shame that the Dash Pro hasn’t borrowed any of the sound-processing / -enhancing features from Starkey …


I was under the impression that all Bragi products (not 100% sure about The Headphone) would be using Versant technology by Knowles?


You are correct. The advantage the Starkey edition has is
EQ optimized for custom-made shell and vented speakers forelevated bass, clarity highs and optimized Audio Transparency Mode.


I took a test call yesterday from my Housemate who has the dash too. He was in the bathroom with the extractor fan on. I could hear the fan ambient with my own ears but as for the call quality, it seemed to cancel the fan out entirely. It was fantastic


Great to hear Bane :slight_smile:


@Bragi Is there some special offer for backers of the original Dash to ‘upgrade’ to the Dash Pro? I backed it for the bluetooth functionality and am still underwhelmed by the bluetooth performance.


Hey Stefan, original backers aka kickstarter’s should receive communications about a discount.


Hi Bragi. I also own the original Dash but I’m not one of the original backers. Will there also be incentive for those like me to upgrade? Thanks


Has anybody noticed the 5 hours seems to be only from the internal player? What is the run time with a bt connection?


After a quick chat with Tony from live chat, it appears that the charging case provides an extra 5 hours of charge. The Dash Pro by his estimates will net 3.5 - 4 hours over Bluetooth and of course the improvements made to the Bluetooth. Battery size per the technical specs sheet is still the same at 100 mah :unamused:


I remember that explicitly being said during the presentation.


Have we heard at all if anyone was actually able to try the Dash pro at the event? Were there demo models available on the floor after the presentation?


Hi, I would like to clarify a small misunderstanding: the case can charge The Dash Pro 5 times.


I don’t understand this sentence at the part where you talk about “First said it was Starkey only bit…”

What do you mean?



In this post I said it was Starkey only but I had to correct myself. But the sentence is missing words and has a spelling error)


@Ves understood. Thank you.

I just joined the Forums and have been pretty active while researching my Dash Pro Starkey order.

Does anyone know how many drivers The Dash Pro tailored by Starkey has?


Yes, there were demo models of the Dash Pro at the NYC event and I paired a set to my phone to test. I could not detect any difference in either connectivity or audio quality when streaming, or better white noise reduction, but an indoor, and noisy PR event is not the best environment to conduct such testing.


Who knows Odys, they could do it but I Can name tons of reasons Why They might not want to do this…yet. Also I think Bragi has a vision for its future and this is going beyond all excisting solutions.