Death of Bragi- a real loss

While things are so very uncertain at the moment, in a position where some people have been waiting for hardware replacement for almost a year already and no end is in sight… the simple fact of the matter is that there is nothing on the market at the moment that can match the Dash Pro in terms of functionality.

It seems that I’m of a minority that still has an almost fully functional pair of Dash pros. I say almost since because I still have issues such as the left unit simply stopping and starting working randomly if I’m on a call for more than a few mins. Voice calls outdoors are pointless from a mic point of view, I have patchy success using google assistant with them and they never connect to the APP unless I turn off BT and reactivate it from WITHIN the app itself. However, they are still playing music, both sides working fine, holding charge and no breaking pins on my charger- critical failures that a lot of people in here seem to have had the misfortune of suffering.

I’m planning for the inevitability of when they do give up the ghost and I’m looking around the marketplace for a potential replacement. Jabra Elite Pro, Samsung Galaxy buds, Jaybirds, Sennheiser momentum etc…. and the more in depth reviews I watch as to their features the more I realise I’ve become spoiled by the Pro a bit. I can’t recall all unit specifics but in general shortfalls can include:

• Very few devices offer onboard storage as well as Bluetooth

• Some buds don’t even offer the ability to adjust volume from the buds themselves

• Some like the Galaxy Buds seem to have more functions than the available slots to assign said functions. You have to compromise with these actions in the app so if you want to have the voice assistant launching from the buds, then you lose out on volume up/down….

• Most offer a transparency option of sorts- I’ve read that the Galaxy bud at launch made you long press the unit to activate transparency but you had to HOLD your finger there to keep it on. Since been rectified software wise, but to my knowledge no other units have a wind shield function which I use daily when cycling on the Dash Pro. The pro option to pause music and activate transparency with just one tap and vice versa is fantastic.

• Few have submergable water protection

• 4D menu is totally unique to the Dash Pro and something I find incredibly useful not to mention just fun as heck to use.

• In my opinion there is nothing better looking aesthetically out there at the moment, but that’s just my taste.

Now, the new acquirers are supposed to continue making the Dash Pro and we can hope that they continue to develop it to arrive in a scenario where all of this functionality is coupled with hardware reliability that the Pro seems to lack from the looks of this forum. We also have the promise of 3rd party devices that will come from Bragi’s IP contributions. With bragi concepts, AI and features combined with an established manufacturer we could be looking at some exciting products yet to come. The issue here is that all of this is way in the future and for the moment…. Nothing else quite stacks up when you’ve fallen in love with the Dash Pro.

All discussions welcome folk and if there are units on the market that offer all of the above feel free to share with us all!


Right there with you man…I was in love with this product but unfortunately…


I agree with you whole-heartedly

There is nothing on the market that can match what the Pros offer - and I mean nothing - and I have researched this until my eyes bleed.

I, like you, must be one of the lucky ones - that still have a functioning set of buds (though I wish I could find a decent ear tip replacement) -

I use them everyday - twice a day - and will be sad when they finally die off.

i will be stuck in using an inferior product - with a lot less features - a very sad day indeed.


Are yours still working at the moment @jamesp ?

@Michael_Shelnutt Good to hear that I haven’t perhaps missed something new or obvious in terms of available products.

RE: the ear tips- I have posted a few threads about this but would I recommend a little sausage of Sugru rolled and wrapped UNDER the rubber flange of the ear tip, then inserted into the ear as normal, removed gently and left for 24 hours to cure? This customises the tip fit somewhat. You may remember that I went the whole hog and put a fine, rolled out layer of it over the whole inside surface of the device to custom mould the whole ear itself and trimmed off the excess when it cured. Had great success with the right device but I’d like one chunk on the top of my left ear bud to make it feel just as secure as the right.

Hey @BANE, Noupe! they are still in the closet there, I tried them on last night and still nothing. its just weird that they are charging but they can’t just simply work after you take them off the charging case , at this point i don’t wanna throw them away just like that you know, I still feel like there might be something that is not allowing them to work. Idk … and I doubt I can find something similar to what they do. I had to purchase the bose soundsport wireless free and they work great but to compare them with Bragi ? I guess Bragi could do a better job as far as technology is concern. but here we are waiting on Bragi to say something

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Sad times, the charging pin on my case for the left ear is getting stuck in I’ve managed to get it out and tried to keep it out but no idea when it will disappear back in and even then if i can get it out. Not looking forward to going back out to market for a pair, I bought the jabra elite and returned them, sat way too far out of my ear and then didn’t turn off when i put them back in the case. I expect i’ll keep an eye out for someone who puts a second hand pair of pros up for sale if not the it might be the Galaxy buds which are far inferior but look like they sit ok in the ear. Be nice to know who bought the headphone business and how long we might have to wait for a new model, not sure that’ll happen.

@jamesp That’s so incredibly frustrating- sorry to hear. Yes, I think it’s clear that the hardware side of things could definitely be improved and I’m just hoping against hope that the transition goes through here and production get’s back on track- though I would assume the new acquirers will also be acquiring the existing manufacturing process so…. At least there will be someone to talk to about warranties eventually.

@Dave_Kelly Disaster! Can’t even buy a replacement charger as the shop has been bare now for almost a year. it really is a sorry state of affairs. Interesting about the Jabra Elite and the fit. I am very active with mine and the way they fit in my ear is so good that I’ve actually backflipped with them in and done pirouettes in ballet where I’m whipping my head aggressively to spot and the don’t budge. The idea of something handing out of my ear seems like a case for being mechanically unseated with movement. The Galaxy buds are small and Super light I hear so they look like they’d fit incredibly.

Yeah. @Kristian ad mentioned that there would be an update soon but really who knows….

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Sad but true! My left bud fell out of sync and sadly this is the end for me with Bragi- it was fun while it lasted… SO many attempts to try and fix this including full reformatting. Signing out… :frowning: email chain below showing the slow and painful death.

Hello Bragi Support, Ok so I broke down and purchased a windows laptop on sale ($180) just to attempt to reformat the buds correctly. The reformat seems like it was successful and the updates both seemed to work however the buds are still not syncing. I have tried everything as directed and it is not working. Is there any repair/replacement option for my left bud? It seems this has been a common issue with your product based on online searches and sadly if you can’t resolve this then this problem will continue to plague your product and brand. I am hopeful you can help me resolve this without costing me more money.



Jan 24, 12:43 CET

Hi, Eli

Thank you for the message.

I am sorry to hear the issue persists, but I am still positive we can resolve this.

Do you have access to a Windows PC? The below can only be performed on a Windows PC. And it is important as I can see your Left Dash is in the wrong file system.

Firstly, I recommend deleting .bra files from the Downloads folder on your PC. I will send you links to new ones.

We will go through the formatting process of Left Dash, please make sure you follow exactly as I say.

Formatting has never been part of the general recovery procedure but since I want to save you time waiting for a replacement I want to give it a try. I just tried it myself and it’s working with a Windows PC only. Place both Dashes in The Charger, connect to your computer and perform a reset to mount them. Once you mounted your left Dash on your Windows PC by quickly pressing the reset button (the one with 4MB or a little less) select it with a right click. Then choose the format. Select File System FAT, Allocation unit size: default allocation size, volume: label THE DASH and hit format afterwards. Once formatting is done, copy and paste the update file fwthedash_bl.bra to the Left Dash and the fwthedash_br.bra to The Right Dash to reapply the update on it. Make sure the file has no number towards the end of the files name since this will prevent The Dash from updating.

Right Dash update file

Left Dash update file

After both files are transferred, please go through the below.

  1. After you copied both files to the respective side of The Dash (It might a bit longer for The Left Dash to transfer the file), disconnect the USB cable (don’t reconnect).

  2. The Dash will begin to blink rapidly which indicates the update has begun, it can take a few seconds before this starts. Once your Dash is breathing as normal the update is completed. This process takes between 3 to 5 minutes. It is possible that the LED of the Dash might breathe red, indicating that the battery was empty and is now charging.

  3. Your The Dash is now recovered. Let it charge and have fun with it.

In case the Dash is not connecting to your PC, please try this procedure using a different Micro USB cable.
Furthermore, if you are facing any difficulties performing this procedure please let us know at which exact step of the recovery update you do.

Let us know if there are any questions.

Karl & your Team Bragi

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I am lucky enough that, after two years of use, my Pros (which were initially replaced for defects three times) still work fine. I occasionally have trouble charging the right unit, but some jiggling generally gets the right connection made. I totally agree about the generally superiority of the Dash Pros. Nothing comes close in terms of total functionality. Imagine trying to swim or shower with AirPods! And because the fit is so good and flush, I can lie on a pillow comfortably listening for hours (sometimes leading to a nap). Having the onboard storage gives you the freedom to leave your phone behind and still listen and track activities. I took the trouble to rip some CDs in the highest supported quality format (320kps AAC). This is where you realize just how good the speaker drivers in the Pros are. No streaming device approaches the sound quality you can get with this option. And once I did the Mimi hearing test to tune them for me, wow.

Sadly, it seems way more people are interested in overpriced style/appearance products than quality devices.

The slide to the mediocrity of our lowest common denominator continues. Here’s to Bragi for breaking through, even if only for a while.


I found a link to these today- Zylo buds

not suggesting as a replacement, but they are waterproof IPX7 and know some people here would swim with their devices. No transparency as far as i can see with, or onboard storage. They are apparently translators though and they use a single ear bud per person to work. so you can meet someone, give them a bud and start the translation process offline. I’ve never been convinced by things that do this kind of voice translation but I’ve zero idea about how good a job these do.



Hey bane, thanks a lot for this suggestion! we never know but to be honest, I really liked Bragi’s design lol

Let’s see how it goes with this one hope it get the Job done

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I just ordered a set of Earin M2s to see what they’re like, I know i wont get the waterproof capability or the storage but am preparing myself for the day my pro’s just give up. Oh also orderd a pair of airdots for $20 from china for comparison between them all. Sometimes I’m just wandering around the house with one headphone in so doesn’t always need to be an expensive pair.
Sooner we know who bought the headphone business from Bragi the better.

I feel you. I have used my dash pro for a while now and it seems like the battery isn’t lasting quite as long as it should and the foam that holds the buds in place in the charger needs replacing along with the outside cover for the charger . The inner liner has separated some and has messed up the foam. Even with all this I can’t see any other brand with the same features.

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RIP - I haven’t found anything that comes close tot eh Dash Pro on the market. At c. £300 they were pricey, but one of the few examples of a premium product actually delivering on its promise. Unfortunately my Dash Pros are starting to show issues and I’m worried I will now be waiting years to get my hands on something any where near as good. :worried:


I am right there with you - but mine is still working (thankfully)

But you are right - there is nothing out there that has what the Pros have.


It really says something when there is a small dedicated fan base who recognise that there are an enormous numbers of faults with hardware reliability issues in multiple points with these devices and yet can still SEE their potential, note that there is still nothing on the market than can compete in all the same ways and lament that we cannot buy a replacement or even get warranties honoured at present.


Is tech support gone. I bought one of the original headphones (not the dash). The left stopped working so I stopped using them. I’m finally getting around to contacting tech support. Is there a chance I’ll get an answer?

I need more Dash in my life. I have one of the original Dash model earbuds that still work flawlessly after 4+ years. Batter life is getting poor over time though and I want another pair. I am so upset I cant purchase them anymore. As others have said, nothing else on the market compares to the Dash. So sad.


Mine is stuck in Bragi for a year :(( and they kept saying that my replacement is coming in upcoming weeks

I went back to my dash pro, the earin are a nice piece of kit but just not as good and don’t sit as well in the ear as the bragi do. I was hoping when the site came back up it would be the hardware side (hoping an Anker or someone like that had bought the tech) and the new owners but looks like it’s bragi pushing the nanoai capabilities into other headphone developers. Shame, means i have no idea when an equivalent will be available. The 75t look ok, if they have an “active” version of those then they might be viable (i had a pair of 65t for a montha nd returned them).
As a note the airdots by xiaomi airdots are worth the €20 for a pair to leave lying around, sound is good, battery is good and they’re light. Not made for any real activity but for the price they are fine. I guess i’ll just stick with the dash pro and the earins until something comes around that is as good as the bragi have been.