Dash Pro vs Dash Pro Starkey?


Anyone have experience with both versions? Is the audio and comfort if the Starkey custom worth the upgrade? The Universal’s are pretty comfy, but after a while, they start giving me ear pain.


Nobody has any experience with both here???


Sorry. My pro still hasn’t arrived and I don’t know anything about the custom version I’m afraid


I do I have both the Starkey and the pro. The Starkey have a better fit than the pro but cost is a factor. I still use both.


Thanks. What’s the differences between the 2, sound wise? I’m pissed that they raised the price on the starkey from $500 to $600. I was about to get them, and held off after the price was raised.


The fit with the Starkey is phenomenal. They do however allow some background noise in. But saying that I use a memory foam tip with the Dash Pro and it completely seals in the ear canal but they do put pressure in the canal and after a long period of time they can become uncomfortable mainly I find while laying down. The Starkey doesn’t have this problem
Hope this helps you narrow your decision down


Thanks for the info. What’s the difference sound wise though? Does the starkey sound noticeably better with the custom fit?


No difference that I noticed. But I’m 52 and have worked construction over 30 years and probably have a bit of hearing issues.